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profile moderation

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by littlestones, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Not sure if its the same but in hertfordshire its CLL and creative for both Nursery DM and Reception profile moderation
  2. I'm in Slough and it's PSRN and PD.
  3. I'm sure in North Somerset it is PSRN and CD.
  4. I'm in Lancashire - For us it's PD and PSRN.
    Did you complete the online form that was sent via the portal to confirm attendance at the moderation meeting? It you did, you will probably have the moderation guidance pdf that was attached, and the areas of the profile that are to be moderated are in it.
    Sorry, not much help. Hope you get it sorted, mine's later in the week and it's my first moderation, think I'm sorted.... [​IMG]
  5. Thank you dbu! I had my moderation today and it was fine! I think I was building it up to be more of a bigger deal than it was! It was lovely to meet other EYFS colleagues, share good practice and pinch a few ideas!
    Hope you managed to find out what areas you are moderating! Good luck with yours too. x
  6. dbu

    dbu New commenter

    still don't know but glad yours went well. been told the format will be they come in choose 3 children, follow them about, then look through all my evidence and i will have to answer them about extra things they want to know.
    Is the format you had?
  7. Oh sorry dbu, I obviously didn't read your post properly the first time around. We were moderated in-house last year, so I only had to go to the cluster meeting this year.
    She did talk briefly about the on-site moderation today and mainly said it was a chance to 'show off' and tell the moderator of all the lovely things that you do. Obviously a little more intense (ok, prob a lot more intense!) than going to a cluster.
    I have a friend who went through it last year, do you want me to ask her about it? I'm pretty sure that she chose the pieces of evidence though, I think I may have them in an old file.
  8. We had ours three years ago and our next one is in the Summer Term. The pre-visit isn't until the 26th April, so don't know what the format will be, but assume it will be the same as last time.
    Last time we had a moderator go into each of the Reception classes (we're three form entry) and pick 2 target children. We then had to provide the profiles, and evidence, for the moderator to look at. She then observed the child in their normal class environment and talked to the child's teacher. We then left to go somewhere quiet and she asked why the child had been awarded particular profile points (the focus then was PSRN and PSE). I showed evidence that supported my judgements and shared my teacher knowledge, of the child. We then had to fill in a form (can't remember all the questions that were on it) - it was to do with how much of the evidence is gathered from adult/child led activities. What the balance on teacher/child led activities was. We then agreed a score from 1 - 4 (1 - you're doing it exactly as you're supposed to be). The scores from the three classes were added up and an average score was given to the school as a whole.
    It sounds scary, but it really wasn't!
  9. Hi

    I'm in a north Yorkshire school and will be moderated this year. The focus is PSED and KUW. I've been told to email on track data prior to the meeting and they then pick three children. They come in, observe a child in play and then look over profiles and discuss judgements in detail. They award green amber or red. It's quite thorough!
  10. dbu

    dbu New commenter

    can i ask if you are a f1 or f2 setting? i'm f2 and so don't use on track. and is it all aspects of psed or one strand?
  11. porker

    porker New commenter

  12. Worcestershire- pd psrn

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