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ProfGCE vs PGCE and QTLS vs QTS

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by _m_d_a_, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. _m_d_a_

    _m_d_a_ New commenter


    I have 13 years FE teaching experience and got the ProfGCE in 2009. After a couple of years off caring for my father I applied to do QTS schools direct salaried and have a place for September. They also do the IB there.

    However in the meantime I have completed QTLS, submitting now. Because of this I have a potential job in a school with this as an alternative for September.

    I now do not know what to do.

    As I want to teach overseas in the future, do I need QTS or will QTLS suffice?

    Also, will my level 6 ProfGCE count as a PGCE to teach abroad or do I need the level 7 PGCE?

    Money is an issue as I may well be resetting my pay scale if I take the QTS route.

    Should I stick with the ProfGCE and QTLS, or do international schools want QTS?

    If I have to do QTS, do I need to do the proper PGCE too?

    It seems that I should grit my teeth and get the QTS. I would also have to pay for the PGCE myself as there is no financial support for salaried schools direct students.

    But I will be halving my salary to do this and have to scrape the money together for the PGCE.

    Really need some advice from someone with experience as no one I have asked so far can answer these questions.

    For England I am being told that I should grab the chance to do QTS.

    Would schools abroad even know the difference between the level 6 and 7 PGCE?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. v_gurl_6

    v_gurl_6 New commenter

    Hi _m_d_a_,

    I graduated in 2014 with a professional graduate certificate in education - lifelong learning. After completing my PGCE I realised I didn't want to teach FE anymore, I wanted to move in to primary education.
    I struggled to get answers to my questions and I thought I might have to do another PGCE. However, I went down the QTLS route and managed to secure a job as a primary teacher. I took up supply teaching and voluntary work in primary schools, whilst doing my QTLS, to gain the experience of teaching primary.

    I have been a primary teacher for a year now and have secured myself a job in Qatar and I will be moving out there this August. My first school had to get in touch with the teachers pension I think to get me a teacher reference number, but now I have one and I have had no trouble getting interviews and work as a teacher. You have to maintain your subscription to the SET for your teaching status to be active but it is a small fee to pay each year. It will be cheaper than having to pay out for a whole new PGCE.

    Hopefully that's of some use to you.

    Best of luck with whichever route you choose!
  3. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    Have you typed your name in to the teacher's database online?

    I'm almost certain there is no distinction between profGCE and PGCE any more. I would bet money that you have a PGCE level 7 officially logged in the system.

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