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Professionalism in FE - Interim Report

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Paul HB, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Maybe I mean the GMC, it does not mean the GMC (or the BMA) is a body like the IfL, nor does it mean that members of the GMC (or BMA whichever is right) get no say in the running of the body, and were set up as a Quango to give jobs to lobbyists. Have you finished being pedantic now? The argument is about the IfL.
  2. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    And no, those six standards do not apply to teachers.
  3. Jacob
    This is one of the more sensible stands that you have taken. What standards would you hold teachers to then?
  4. No, Cardoon, as you can see from the post immediately above this - it is not always me either. Jacob cannot seem to debate without resorting to £$%*** and things of this nature.
  5. I'm a bit baffled by your comment above.
    Perhaps you misinterpreted a very generalised and non-accusatory reply of mine. A new contributor was struck by the heated nature of the postings on this specific thread and all I said, in essence, was that 'threads' (comments, postings, call them what you will) on the topics of the IfL and professionalism often seemed to be pretty heated. This is surely the case if one looks at comments on the TES about these two subjects over the last couple of years. I wasn't directing any particular criticism at any particular person, nor indeed at the IfL in this instance, although you seem to think I was.
    I was also wondering why these two topics seemed to attract such heated exchanges - a legitimate question, I would have thought. The strength of feelings is notable.
    I am sorry that I seem to have offended you - there was certainly no intention to do so.

  6. And no offense taken, Cardoon, in the spirit of the debate.
    Towards proposing a reason for why this topic of professionalism encourages such a passionate exchange at times, is because what is at the root of the professionalism dialectic is...
  7. Mr Beans, what dos money=power mean? What money - you spit out sound bytes, but there is no substance sir.
  8. I'm doing my essay on 'professionalism and reflective practice' can anyone explain their status as a professional and how to manage professional roles and responsibilities?

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