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Professional Update for Supply Teachers

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by elephantfeet, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. elephantfeet

    elephantfeet New commenter

    Posted this on the main Scotland - Education news forum but as I am supply teacher in Primary I though I'd post it here as well.
    Am due to do my PRD this coming year 2015/16 and to be quite honest I do not know where to begin with what to prepare. I do very little supply work through choice now and I must admit lately I have been covering McCrone time more and more which can often mean 45 minutes with each class so to keep a 'Reflective Journal' on what I am achieving in classes is somewhat daunting. I can understand this would be easier if you were doing long term supply work within a school as you would have access to what is usually available to permanent staff. Since this process is relatively new for Supply Teachers there may not be many of you out there who can advise me what it is all about and whether I am worrying unnessarily, but I would appreciate any feedback on this subject.
    Where and how do you get the information about appropriate inservice days available and would we need to finance this ourselves? Thank you in anticipation....
  2. hilarymclayriis

    hilarymclayriis New commenter

    Hi, you sound just like me. Your post sounds all too familiar. I only work a few days through choice and personal circumstances just now only allow me to work a few days each month. I have just been told that I need to submit my Professional Update by the end of July. I have been keeping a note of articles and papers that have been written but I have not been noting down times and dates. It seems I should have been! Very concerned about what will happen when I meet the head of education for my local authority next month to discuss what I've written. It also seems that I should have been applying for courses to do in my own time, paid and unpaid.
    How have you got on so far?

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