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Professional Studies 1 assignment....help!!!

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by coconutsnow, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hello lovely people at Tes!!! I am a PGCE student! Having battled through my first school placement its time to complete my first 5000 word assignment and I'm struggling BIG time to narrow down a title . We have to right the essay at a lit reveiw so I have been endlessly reading up on issues wih behaviour management strategies but am finding it hard to realy focus on an area that i could argues from both sides.... If anyone has any tips or advise it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks,
  2. Hi there,
    behaviour management seems like a good one to go at - the more traditional strategies like being strict vs positive behaviour management strategies. It's one that's quite high on the agenda everywhere you look, and the current gov are (or have - sorry not up to date myself!) trying to give more flexibilty to head teachers.
    Another one would be (one that I did) is the use of ICT in the classroom. When used effectively it's great but is there a danger that ICT is being used too much at the detrement to lessons?

    Also, my advice is to pick out certain points, argue them from both points of view and then draw a conclusion based on the literary evidence. Also, keep an open mind - even if your evidence shows something you don't like or expect!And finally, make notes about different research before trying to put it all into paragraphs. Then you'll be able to see whatyour research is telling you and write your essay as such.

    Some others may have different advice, but good luck!
  3. Another idea tha has come to me is bahaviour management in state schools vs montesorri schools. - These schools do everything v differently and would be interesting to find out if the difference in how you teach has an effect on behaviour in the classroom?
  4. You could right about falling standards in SPAG. On a more 'helpful' note you may just want to run a google search of what other PGCE students have done, find a good one and adjust it but base it on your situation and experiences.
    Most behaviour management essays have been written by PGCE studenrs and TBH Im not sure it's a case of arguing for or against it. A focus on the ideal model and whether you believe its applicable or ideal for every scenario.
    My choice would be the benefits of formative and summative assessment in advancing pupils. Which is best, why? can one be used for the other? is a combo of both best, are they being carried out effiiciently? etc etc
    Far more scope for a debate
  5. Hello,

    Thank you for the great advice, I have really taken to your ICT suggestion. My degree was extremely web based and having my first placement in a fine art department I was surprised at how little ICT the art department included. I also have the opportunity to run the same topic with two different year 9 groups; one of which have access to computers and one, which due to fully booked computer rooms do not. It will be interesting to see the effect this has on their final piece.

    I have just bought a book titled "Why do I need a teacher when I have Google" some really interesting points in there!

    Thanks again
  6. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Why would you need ICT in an art dept? Surely paint and clay would be more useful?
  7. Trendy Art

    Trendy Art Star commenter

    ICT in an art department - the UK is particularly good in the creative industries. Some 2 million people work in them. Consider animations, computer generated films, the gaming industry, the very website we are looking at, the prevalence of digital artwork in advertising, magazines, etc.
    ICT is just as important a medium as paint and clay in the art department.

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