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Professional stay in France. Who is interested in ?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by LauraGoubot, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. LauraGoubot

    LauraGoubot New commenter

    Hi everybody.
    I'm french (living near La Rochelle, in the south west of France) and I teach physics and chemistry to pupils from 11 to 15 years old. I've got a certification that allows me to teach science in english.
    I'm looking for a teacher in UK (a science teacher would be great) who would be interested in a professional stay in my school and in hosting me in return for 2 weeks. This is possible thanks to this mobility programme :http://www.ciep.fr/en/mobility-programme-professional-stays-in-france

    Let me know if you're interested !
  2. emerald52

    emerald52 Star commenter

    Lovely idea but safeguarding issues may make this difficult. Any know if it is likely?
  3. LauraGoubot

    LauraGoubot New commenter

    What do you mean by safeguarding issues ? As it is a mobility program, you have just to apply and you get an agreement.

    In my case, I'm looking for a school to host me during 2 weeks so I'll exchange practice and improve my english too ! In return, I offer a teacher to come in my school but this is not mandatory ! I can only be hosted and the mobility program ends like that.

    What is sure is that the teacher who is involved in this program will continue to be paid by her/his own country.

    Just have a look at this link : http://www.ciep.fr/en/mobility-programme-professional-stays-in-france

    An other solution is : I'm hosted in a school, working with a science teacher and a language teacher can come in my school to work with one of my colleagues teaching english...Many possibilities in fact !
  4. emerald52

    emerald52 Star commenter

    Safeguarding is protection of children. All teachers have to pass high level security checks.
  5. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    The OP is speaking about an exchange done through official channels, therefore, I assume that safeguarding/disclosure would be part of the deal?
  6. LauraGoubot

    LauraGoubot New commenter

    Well, as I'm not supposed to work with children alone during this stay, I wonder if safeguarding issues are really a blocking point. I read again the mobility program but didn't see anything about this. In France we don't have such security checks...Maybe we should...

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