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Professional Development Library

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by snicky04, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I am endeavouring to set up a Professional Development library in my school. What books should definitely be in there??? (Secondary school incidentally)
  2. I wish you well. I tried to do the same but found that most staff did not borow the books despite lots of publicity. I thought I'd selected a good range covering issues for NQTs and more senior staff. I also tried to get books about destressing, time management, looking after your voice etc.There were also books / handbooks about subject specific things e.g. questioning, thinking skills as well as SEN and G&T.
    I don't blame the staff as I think my planning for the library should have taken into acount wider professional development - so that the books were there in the background to more active or hand on methods of training.
    It is also worthwhile trying to find out (you may already know) if any of your colleagues are enrolled on Masters or other professional qualifications. They may have suggestions.
    Sorry I don't have any titles to hand.

  3. harriet8

    harriet8 New commenter

    Get the teachers' pocketbooks catalogue and the continuum education publishing catalogue and have happy hours browsing, then buy the books through them if you can get a good discount or through your favourite ISBN search bookshop type place. Put your library somewhere accessible - ours is by the photocopiers, and then make a big song and dance about it. Make the borrowing system really simple - tie a pen to the sign out book or something similar. Enjoy!

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