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product design aqa results 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by tech381, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. was just wondering how people felt about their results this year after using the new spec. i havent had my results through yet as i was away,but a heads up on what others have got would be great. a few people i know said they have been lower than expected!!!
  2. can anyone viewing this let me know how they have got on eg got what they predicted or lower grades.

  3. I was not happy with the results most of my students were on course to get their predicted grade but when i got the results alot fell short.
    In short not happy :(
  4. i was told when the moderator came that i had overmarked and so had others they had visited i posted it on here and several people commented.but it does all look a bit dodgy now
  5. My GCSE Product Design group's exam results were shocking!! Really disappointed for my pupils. From what I can see their coursework grades weren't adjusted, but the exam grades were much lower than expected. Most pupils got 1 grade lower than I expected overall as a result. I thought that I had prepared them pretty well. With a number of C/D boarder lines it's taken my target pass rate from 80% down to 54%. Really not looking forward to explaining that at my exam review :s
  6. Just thought I'd offer up my experience, we were down 8% on last year and it was the exam that cost us. We were 12% down on the predicted grades from the portfolios and practical work.
    I was moderated and my marking was fine but to be fair my school expected to take a bit of a hit this year due to the new specification. My only concern for this coming year is if the exam board take a harsher approach to the grades and hit us harder.
    I really like teaching Product Design and the kids like it too. My only hope is Brian Russell reads this and offers good guidance with respect to the portfolios and the exam so we can best prepare our kids.
  7. Did anyone go on the 'AQA Product Design Maximising Exam Success' CPD course? I'm starting to wonder if it would have been worth the £199..... Shame we couldn't afford it!
  8. i have wanted to attend many *** des courses but my school wont pay for them either!!!!!!
  9. I went to the Textiles A level one, on Maximising Success. It was a bit of help (a little bit only). I got a lot of exam questions to give as homeworks which were very helpful We also got stuff on how to break down the questions on the exam paper, but not much else. So you haven't really missed that much
  10. I also went to one of the textiles ones, which I found helpful - showed me I was teaching the right stuff, however it hasn't helped my grades at all. I found another teacher who went to the second one who gave me copies of everything on the CD's which was useful especially for A2 but once again hasn't helped the exam grades to improve. Maybe you could put a post up for any CPD materials from Product Design meetings - that would give you the stuff at no cost!
  11. We had some great results this year with one mid ability student somehow getting an A on PROD3! I teach most of that unit and when it comes to revision I don't go through the textbook or past papers but get the kids to list all the products they know a lot about (famous or not, taught about or not) and sketch them on an A3 sheet (one each) then annotate with as many relevant notes as possible. I don't tell them what to write but ado them to discuss aspects of the product they are confident with.e.g. development in technology or fabrication etc. I then get them to look at the 6-10 products they've naturally been drawn to and cross reference them against the topics in the textbook to see what bases they don't cover e.g. plastics, environment etc. and we then discuss what products they could use to cover those areas. If they're smart, they could cherry pick half a dozen products that between them cover all the topics. One carefully chosen product can be used to answer a whole range of questions. I think this is workable with PROD3 as they always ask you to discuss relevant products in your responses. Seems to work and beats traditional revision!
  12. Yes - same problem every year - a string of E's and U's in both the AS and A2 exam, in spite of reasonable results for the coursework. I'm afraid I don't have any solutions. One teacher went on the Maximising Success in the Exam training course this year, but it didn't seem to have any effect. Does anyone have any suggestions as to other exam boards? By the way, where did you get your statistics from.
  13. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Interesting to note that Brian was active on this forum yesterday.
  14. yes i am talking about gcse. my pupils were so happy when they left the exam,i had covered everything in lessons.i thought the group had the best understanding of any group i had taught previously,obviously not my grades werent very good and i did get my marks changed.apparently i over marked the making i was advised by the modertor to look at the bird box project which i have and i still believe my products were better made!!!!!
  15. Was this question for me - if so I got the statistics from the AQA enhanced results website which is there for us to analyse our results... so I did!!! have done it before but now there have been enough exams to get an overall picture. Not impressed that they have an exam most students can not access.
  16. Our results were dreadful..all got U..but they all did very well with their course work..confused .com..I wish AQA would have a book that relates to the specification as there are parts that can not be found anywhere. Its fair to say AQA have supplied some good resources..but clearly not good enough for centres to get good grades..All my textile teacher buddy got poor grades this year in the exam..what can we do??
  17. all your pupils got a 'u'? my marks were changed as i had marked too high!!!!! i havent had this done before and i have made the same products!! i feel like im at a loss with the whole thing,i thought i had a good understanding of the new spec,obviously not. but i also now think i had a nightmare moderator,especially when i was told my products werent upto scratch as other centres had made their own screws!!!!!if it is product design resistant materials you are doing aqa did do a book,but i dont think its being published anymore!!!!
    all i have done is got the a grade folder and i am using that as a reference until i go to the aqa standardising meeting!
    keep in touch and maybe we can help each other.
  18. Hi..sorry let me clarify my last post..all my pupils got U in the exam A/S Level..we are doing
    textiles. The crazy thing is that 4 gained an A (2 never even did textiles at GCSE) and the rest
    bar 1 got C and above in their coursework..help....making the A2 as interesting as i can..but taking an age to do..any advice out their on very useful books for the product design textiles at A level? many thanks and good luck
  19. My students got 2 A's & 1 B for coursework and they got 2 E's and U in the exam. I am absolutely gutted, I don't know what else I can do??? Does anyone know of a better exam board. I feel thoroughly miserable about the whole thing, the kids deserved better. I thought the exam paper looked relatively fine, have they hiked up the grades???

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