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Procedure for administering writing assessments

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by 2757, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Good evening all.

    This is a post related to policy and procedure with approach to assessment of writing.

    At our school we have are in a debate as to how much support should be given during the assessment of writing.

    The current school of thought would see the writing process as being 4 fold.

    Planning, Writing, Editing and Review.

    There is a split in our staff as to how much of the above process should happen when conducting a writing assessment.

    I would be of the opinion that we should give children the best opportunity to do themselves justice. A chance to plan and prepare a check-list before their writing begins is important. Also making sure children are aware of their writing targets and having their writing targets with them as they write is also important.

    Children being presented with a complete blank page I feel is a thing of the past and only serves to panic many children.

    Making reference to working walls and 'stealing' from the wall should be encouraged where current VCOP ideas are available for children to access. A rich environment for children to access is the best way to go and gives all children the best chance.

    Also after the initial 'first go' and the feeling of 'I'm finished' has been reached with a writing piece, children should be encouraged to go through a simple editing process to check their work before they finally say 'I'm done'. We use green editing pens and the children circle punctuation, check for missing words and make changes.

    Surely as long as they've done the whole process themselves and their is no 'marking' and 'copying up' this is all valid as a rigorous writing assessment process.

    All comments are welcomed.

    Cheers Andy
  2. moodhoover

    moodhoover New commenter

    Is this the approach that you take to maths and reading sats? Do you leave lists of squaee numbers and multiplication grids up?

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