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problems with communication and dont know how to improve

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Laurel-Tree, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Hi
    Ive just started in september, its my first time working in school and I already struggling Im the 1-1 for a child and not part of the team but Im very quiet, not out of but im not a very good conversaionalist. I dont have a very strong relationship with the teacher and TAs in class who have never been unpleasent towards me but If make a mistake or dont finish something they dont say. How do I know whether they are letting me settle in or if they have written me off as a weak link? I feel its the latter.

    I know that I have been making obvious mistakes but I dont know what I should be doing in some situations. Also if Your not outgoing or chatty how do you commicate effectivally with staff?
    Im not sure what answer I would get from the the teacher or if I tell them Im dont know how to do my job. Also should I speak to my line manager instead of the staff in my class room.
  2. You don't need to be a sparkling conversationalist, or indeed to be chatty and outgoing (to use your phrases). You say you don't have a "strong relationship" with with the teacher or TAs - of course you don't! You've only been there for two weeks!

    Now, what you DO need to do is to stop worrying about how you're seen, and just get on and do your job. It's a sad but reassuring fact that in life most people are far too pre-occupied with their own issues to be thinking about anyone else!

    So - what can you do? Well, all you need to do is to say what needs saying, to whoever needs to hear it. You don't need to go to your line-manager - if you need to ask a question, just ask it. If you need to pass on information, just say it. If you don't know how to handle a situation - just ask whoever is convenient.

    I hope I don't sound too brutal, but really your job is to support a child - at the moment you sound as if you're spending your time and energy worrying about yourself, how you're seen and what you're doing. (This is the part where it might sound brutal) It isn't about you - it's about the child. Just do what you need to do, say what you need to say, ask when you aren't sure and just let the rest work itself out.

    Good luck.
  3. What does the child need to enable him/her to access the curriculum and be part of the wider life of the school? How does the child want this support provided? Look for ways to adapt resources perhaps or find different ways that the child could do things. Does the child need help to socialise with his/her peers? If you find out what the child's needs are you can then find ways of addressing them.
  4. I'm sure in some ways it does seem like Im having moan because Im not doing wellll by the child and Theyre are lovely most of time. Its not just me saying that thier is no one to natter with, it makes me feel less supported and this saps my confidence. I agree it is about the child but I also have to assess how well I can do my job and at the moment the child Im supporting has multiple issues only one I dont think I can support the child without help and I need alot of it at start.thanks for the advice on asking question, Ive tried asking people when Ive noticed Ive made a mistake and thier pretty accepting and sometimes show me how to correct it.
  5. At the moment the child doesnt have resources and but Ive been given alot of input on what kind of resources the child needs. I borrowed and begged afew and found that they work, quite well but in conjunction with alot of behavior management and encouragemrnt and prompting. Its not rather needs Its my first job supporting a child and the key issues with them are behavior management or knowing when to be strict about something or using the right tone of voice, I have to improve alot in these areas in short time.

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