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Problems at 20 week scan. Devastated.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by whistle4it, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. nickyt

    nickyt New commenter

    Hi Whistle4it

    I know this is impossible but try not to think the worst. I too had problems at 20 week scan and was sent to specialist clinic to get these checked. Results were inconclusive and I had to go for a review in 2 weeks time where everything was thought to be fine. they could not see some structures of the heart and the cisterna magna ( space between skull and brain) was on the large side. I am now 32 weeks and the heart is thought to be fine though baby will have a heart echo in a weeks time to make sure. The cisterna magna is still large but the consultant told me that all babies develop differently and at differerent rates.
    The presence of cysts may not mean that there is anything wrong with your baby's development. They will also check the development of the brain and the spine etc. The scan on Fri may show that there is nothing seriously wrong - you may have to be scanned more often.
    My doctor also told me that doctors etc often over-diagnose than under-diagnose. They are thorough and often tell you everything that is out of line with 'normal'. However this may not necessarily mean that your baby will have severe problems. It may mean that its development is different from what their charts suggest is average.
    I'm sure that Friday cannot come soon enough for you. I am thinking of you as I know how worrying this can be. I have heard of a friend's baby who had cysts removed from the brain after birth and is fine. Do ask all the questions that you need to when at the scan on Friday - they will be honest with you and will not hide anything.
    Thinking of you
  2. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Many thanks Nicky, the more I read, the better I actually feel. Just hope nothing is worse on Fri, am going mad waiting, but I suppose nothing is in the bag till they have been born and are checked over, so i will use that to reassure myself!
  3. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    A friend of mine has 3 children, and they all had cysts present on their brain at the 20 week scan. When they were scanned later, they had gone. Apparently it happens often.
    The issue with baby's kidneys, is to do with how they appeared on the scan - dark or dull patches must have been seen. It may well be when you are rescanned, they will be able to see more clearly and things will be fine.
    I know it is awful having to wait, but chances are everything will be fine. I wish you all the best.
  4. Not at all how you hope your 20 week scan to go. Must be a very worrying time, but remember that they often "see" things that are not there, it could just have been a misinterpretation, or it could not result in anything serious. Hoping for the very best for you and your baby x
  5. Good luck for tomorrow xx
  6. Yes really hope it goes ok xx
  7. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    All the best for tomorrow. What time are you going in?
  8. PurpleSapphire

    PurpleSapphire New commenter

    good luck for tomorrow x
  9. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Scan at 9.30. Dreading it being worse of finding another thing.
    Am also worried that yet again the tactless sonographer who is merely there to point out problems will be doing it, say "oh, its worse" then ask us to come back AGAIN for consultant.
    Am angry and evil with everyone. Me and OH not getting on. My midwife is rubbish and has not even bothered calling me back ( have phoned twice.) Feel like going a long way away and never coming back or being around another human. :(
  10. I can't believe your midwife hasn't phoned you back, that's awful.
    Hang in there and and keep everything crossed for better news (and more understanding staff!)
  11. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Sorry to hear that they are treating you badly. I hope there are other people tomorrow. It is early in the morning which is good, so hopefully you will have more positive results and feel better. Will keep my fingers crossed for you and your little one.
  12. Fingers crossed for tomorrow Whistle xxx
  13. Hope it goes well. If you have strength, try and demand that you see someone who explains things properly and doesn't just brush youoff
  14. hi whistle

    any news? thinking of you
  15. I was wondering too. Hope it went well x
  16. Hi. I hope that yesterday went ok for you. I was told at my 20 week scan that the baby had echogenic bowel and "golfball" cysts in his heart. Obviously I went into panic mode and, like you, was given very little information. Only after I went down to the antenatal part of the hospital and demanded to see someone was I told anything more. To cut a long story short, I had blood tests to check for various things such as rubella and the cystic fibrosis gene. In addition my downs risk was 1:90 but I decided against the amnio. The rest of the pregnancy was a real rollercoaster ride and I had a lot of problems which meant that I had a lot of scans, the last one at 37 weeks and the bowel and golfballs were still showing bright white then. He is now 18 months, bouncing around, jumping off the furniture and his only health problem appears to be a bit of eczema!!! When I had a scan at 30 weeks, the consultant that scanned me said that the newer technology now picks up "abnormalities" that wouldn't have been seen ten years ago. Wish she'd scanned me in the first place.
    Hope that you are ok. xxx
  17. whistle4it

    whistle4it New commenter

    Thanks all, and that is great WL :)
    Well had a different sonographer (female) and she had another look but really played it down, esp the cysts. She says as they are only 3mm they are within "normal" range. She says kidneys look a bit "spongy" and not quite what they expect, however they are functioning normally. She has suggested we go to London to see a consultant as they have specialists there but although still a little worried, am not half as bad. She got some fab face pics with lovely button nose profile and says all other stuff is fine ( face, hands feet.) Has not ssuggested amnio as my risk of downs was 1:2,221 so even if it is brought up, it will still be relatively low.
    Still a bit teary but praying that my little boy will be well and as healthy as possible. xxx
  18. Great news Whistle4it, I am so pleased/over the moon that everything appears to be in the normal range, the London consultant will confirm and hopefully you can put this time behind you. It's understandable that you are still tear, go easy on yourself!
    take care,
    BJMcA x
  19. Lovely news Whistle4it you must feel so relieved. Thank goodness the sonographer was able to reassure you somewhat. Be gentle with yourself.
    Take care x
  20. I kept on checking and said a few prayers for your little baby. glad to see that everything is looking far more normal.
    PS not pregnant myself - those days are long behind me - just read now and again for nostalgia!

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