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Problem Solving - Old MacDonald style!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by wrldtrvlr123, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    I'm not a Maths teacher and do not teach in the UK, so feel free to disregard the following:
    I'm a little concerned that taking a class of Year 1's that you do not know, outside, could be problematic and may not put you in the strongest position to impress. You could achieve the same basic idea with markers and A3 paper while keeping them in a more contained, in theory, environment. Happy for others to prove me wrong though.
  2. I have worked in the school before as a student and was successful at outside work so would feel confident, however, I am only teaching for 10 minutes so am not planning on teaching outside in that short time. I need to take risks in order to impress, I will be up against tough competition and need to show myself off, I do not think A3 paper and markers will show my passion for teaching creative and fun Maths!
    Thank you for your suggestions, a little more help on content would be good from Maths specialists please
  3. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    Many of us won't be able to be particularly helpful because we teach at secondary schools. Y1 is rather outside my experience. Might be worth cross-posting this in Primary in case anyone there can help.
  4. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    Ah, yes. Chalk on the pavement will surely put you over the edge. Just to be safe, better practice your singing and dancing as well. Best of luck!

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