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Probation being used against me

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Pickledwalnut, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Pickledwalnut

    Pickledwalnut New commenter

    So my college has a probationary period for new staff based on 3 observations all of which I passed last academic year. I was told that even though I had passed this that my probation would be extended for another half a term due to issues surrounding “professionalism” I accepted this just to get it over with.
    Now it’s being extended again with the issues being raised being totally ludacris e.g shouting at a student (I actually didn’t shout at them just asked them why they felt it was appropriate to turn up 20 mins late to a lesson during ofsted) and other very trivial things.
    He also tried to ask me if I’m on “medication” or have a mental illness in efforts to “explain my behaviour”.
    I have spoken to the union but am seriously finding it difficult to know who to trust with people telling me not to talk to XYZ and then having them clearly stab me in the back also.
    All of this I believe is because I don’t agree with my HOD’a prefered way of teaching which is usually unsubstantiated and not backed up with any actual evidence.

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