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Probably a very stupid question about KS1 writing SATS tasks....please be kind!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Twinkles, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Twinkles

    Twinkles New commenter

    I'm doing the 2009 SATS for the first (and thankfully, last) time and I'm getting myself in a stew trying to work out exactly how I can teach the children about night-time when my topic for this term is 'Green Fingers'! We did light and dark last year (I teach a mixed YR/Y1/Y2 class with a 2-year rolling programme) and we touched on animals who can see in the dark last term in our topic of 'Senses' but I can't really see how the children will have the information they will need for the long writing unless I can fit it in somewhere.
    I'm planning to teach 2 weeks of Non-fiction Unit 4 starting tomorrow, ending with the children writing a report on an underwater animal (ideas from Hamilton Trust) so they will have an idea of the genre for the long writing, but it's the content I'm more worried about!
    And I haven't even considered the short writing!! How on earth do I fit all this into 2 weeks?? I have to do SATS in the last 2 weeks of this term, because we're being moderated in the first week of June, or I'd leave them all until then!! Please help!!
    And breathe...........
    Thank you [​IMG]
  2. Hi twinkles, don't panic, I think some people do a lot more prep and input for the writing tasks that really needed - it is only a small part of your teacher assessment. I am just going to do one lesson a little while before we do the task, where we will share ideas about nocturnal animals, look at some books and websites etc to give them a few facts up their sleeves! Like you we have done reports about somthing different so they "should" know how to set it out (ha ha).
    And for the short one, we have written one character description during last narrative unit just so they know what it is! And am going to use Horrid Henry so just reading plenty of his stories in storytime.
    Must be hard with r and 1 in there too though. Hope this has helped a little. Bumped you anyway!

  3. I'm taking a couple of afternoons to do a sort of mini topic about nocturnal animals in the same week as the children are doing the writing. We'll gather info for a couple of days, draw and label pics, talk about reasons for animals being nocturnal, adaptation etc. Then we'll do the long writing just like our usual big write on a Friday morning. So hopefully the children won't be any the wiser! In lit we're doing Julia Donaldson stories so I guess we'll just pick a character and do some hotseating then write the character study. I'm trying not to stress too much about it but am failing miserably!
  4. We also have just found out we are being moderated right between the two SATS weeks. This people are stupid! Why can't they *** off and come back when the timing is better. As if we don't have enough to worry about!!!
  5. Hi there,
    I do feel for you. this is my first year in KS1 and I am struggling too. I have done some planning for night time. I am doing 4 lessons-
    1. Night sky, moon and stars. What happens at night.
    2. Night time jobs people do.
    3. Nocturnal animals
    The 4th lesson will be a summary time, creating posters/ mind maps of the topics and reading some topic books on the subjects.
    Really hoping if I keep banging on about each thing, that the children might think about each one as a paragraph in the SATs. Wishful thinking perhaps!

  6. Bolton babe not sure what you mean the 2 sats weeks? can you not do them whenever you want?
    I'm being moderated next week aah.
  7. akimbo

    akimbo New commenter

    You don't have to have 'done' the SATs papers in order to be moderated as these only inform your teacher assessment. Our yr 2 team had their moderation meeting before the Easter hols - they had to show the process they were employing in order to make their TA (test/tasks being one element -but one they hadn't yet done..) I have been to moderation in February before now.
  8. Twinkles

    Twinkles New commenter

    Thanks everyone! I have started to feel marginally less stressed about this since getting back to school (have far too many other things to think about now!) but it's really reassuring to know that it seems we're all doing the same sort of things.

    I think it's just that this year they seem to be asking for more factual information in the long writing that they did in 2005 and I'm a bit worried that my children won't do as well as they should. I'm so glad that we're going back to 4 classes in September - going to have a year of just teaching Reception - hooray!
  9. This really reassured me about the tasks thank you.
    Can the children make a plan for their writing tasks or not? New to year 2 this year.
  10. Elfreda6969

    Elfreda6969 New commenter

    I'm of the opinion that you should be a bit more prescriptive with year 2 children. Perhaps explore different aspects of night time then ask the class what they want to write about. I have just simply choosen animals for them and asked them to research no more than 3 night time animals, but that they will write about one of them. They must research this at home, but I have given them photocopied handouts as well. I think that they only need to know some basic facts about night animals. I want my children to feel confident of the key facts and vocab so I have given them a limited topic range. You can play S&L games to embed the vocab - ie True or False are owls carnivores? etc
    For me the most important thing is that children are very clear about what makes a good report - ie all the key features and their function. You could pick a different topic - ie sea creatures etc and write a non chron in class. You can go through the whole process of raising questions, spider diagrams, planning grid, improving a paragraph then writing a paragraph (intro, main body, conclusion etc).
    The mark scheme places considerable emphasis upon children writing pieces that are lively and interesting, uses a range of openers and punctuation, uses description and connectives. These are the aspects which I think more focus should be placed.
  11. Ramjam

    Ramjam New commenter

    We have done non chrons throughout the year to go with each topic, so hopefully they will do OK with the key features. Remembering facts.... that's another issue.
    Interestingly enough, the examples we got from a Sats training session gave a 2A for what we thought was very little work in either task and a 2b for something that had no features - title, heading etc but did consist of quite a few lines of writing.
    To make matters worse, even though our 2A/3 children do work which far outshines the aforementioned examples and also surpasses some KS2 work sent back as level 3 after external marking, we are still seriously hassled by KS2 for giving either L3 at all or more than a few L2A.
  12. redx11

    redx11 New commenter

    Hi All
    We were also concerned about the knowledge needed to write about nocturnal animals so are spending 2 weeks covering this topic as part of our overall topic on animals. Hopefully they will have enough facts to write a report by then.
    We have just finished the Julia Donaldson books and have written character dexcriptions of different witches. Hope they remember all of this and the use of exciting adjectives etc.
    We have also been told not to give level 3 unless we are sure it is a level 3b. We have targets given by our SIP to increase the level 3s but told not to give many or even none by the junior teachers. Damed if we do and dmaed if we don't.

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