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Pro Desktop v8.0

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by MrReindeer, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase software and licence for this software? My current version (2000i2) is not well supported in windows 7 and creates text corruptions in drawings.

    Many thanks.
  2. Does anyone know where I can purchase software and licence for this software? My current version (2000i2) is not well supported in windows 7 and creates text corruptions in drawings.

    Many thanks.
  3. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Thats a shame, In my opinion 200i2 was a far superior product. It sounds obvious, but have you tried simply messing with your screen resolution and colour settings? It worked on some of our machines.
    As for the licence, Im not sure its needed (and if it is, I can't see anyone chasing it up) The product is 10 years old, its no longer properly supported by the developers and there are far superior CAD packages out there which are much better / simpler for students to understand. (though we're still on Pro Desktop for the sake of the 2-3 kids per year that need it)

  4. You will need to get in contact with PTC who are the software developers, but Pro D is not now being used it has been superseeded by Creo Pro which you can get, Im not sure exactly what is happening but its working on the same principle as Pro D with a training session and then you get the leicence free and after April i think DATA are not doing it and everything goes via the accredited trainers, Best thing to do is get in contact with PTC and search the education supporter. I will email him and get him to post something on here for you.
  5. timbdesign

    timbdesign New commenter

    Pro|DESKTOP has served D&T extremely well for more than a decade but technology has moved on and the latest 3D modellers are streets ahead in capability.
    Released in 2005, the last version of Pro|DESKTOP was V8 SP2 Build 1067. A year later, PTC started making Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 3 available free to schools through the Digital D&T programme. Both PTC and D&TA try to support schools using Pro|DESKTOP but it hasn't been tested on the latest operating systems. Try the following:
    • When you install, right mouse on the setup.exe and run as administrator
    • Turn off Graphics Hardware Acceleration
    • Change the properties of the desktop shortcut, Compatibility tab, to run using WIn XP SP3 mode
    If you are looking for an easy to use 3D modeller that's fully supported in Windows 7 with consistent ribbon menus, parametric modelling, direct modelling and freestyle surfacing tools then you should take a look at PTC's latest Creo software. It is much easier to use and more powerful than Pro|ENGINEER.
    You can learn more about Creo on www.ptcschools.com where teachers and students can register for a FREE fully functioning single seat copy. The commercial cost of the modules in the schools edition of Creo is over $200,000 per seat and PTC gives it FREE to students to use at home!
    PTC provides schools with a FREE school license of Creo including network licenses when a teacher completes accredited training. Trainers are listed on www.ptcschools.com and www.digitaldandt.org
    If you are a product designer and think it's difficult to create organic shapes in a parametric 3D modeller, take a look at this Youtube demonstration of the new Freestyle surfacing tools in Creo!

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