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Private tutors (Qatar)

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by nlavrov, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Dear Forum members
    I moved to Qatar a couple of years ago. My son is enrolled in a good school and is midway through GCSEs but in September I feel he will need private tuition (English, Maths, Sciences). However, I am aware that many tutors here who claim to be qualified in the English system are not. Please, any advice will be greatly appreciated before I waste time and money!
  2. tracy_goodyear

    tracy_goodyear New commenter

    Dear nlavrov,

    I have had some contact with students in Qatar in a similar position. I thought that Qatar had strict rules on private tuition?

    One way perhaps to avoid that would be online tuition, with a tutor in the UK (which seems to be growing in popularity).
    Some teachers teach internationally via Skype and are obviously qualified in the area and will be teaching that current examination board.
    Hope this helps!
  3. crinauk

    crinauk New commenter

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