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Private tutoring in Cairo

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by domandoom, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Dear all,

    I will be teaching in Cairo from this september. My partner is looking for private tutoring, we have heard it is quite big in Cairo. Does anybody know some private tutoring agencies? We have been looking on line but haven't found anything yet. Please advise. Thanks
  2. The tutors that tutor the tutees at our school aren't from tutoring agencies [​IMG]. They work independently and earn reputations. That's how I think it works out there. And get well paid.
    Could be some travelling involved as well.

  3. AshgarMary

    AshgarMary New commenter

    I have friends who are private tutors over here and who are not regular daytime teachers. There are no agencies. There are a few places you could advertise but word of mouth is really the most effective way.
    Also, it depends where you are how much you get and what subject.
    The obvious subject to teach is English; kids or adults. What you get depends where you are. A friend who lives near me only gets 40LE an hour, but gets a reasonable amount of business. Others round here try to charge 70-100LE and get zero customers. I have heard that over on El Rehab native-speaker English teachers charge (and get) 120-150LE per hour.
    Be prepared to get VERY frustrated. Students not turning up for lessons or not being in when you get there is par for the course. Many Egyptians seem to be averse to calling you to say they have to cancel. The number of dead relatives who died the day of your lesson will amaze you. Also be prepared for the over-ambitious booking of early morning lessons (that never happen even though you got up!), lessons on public holidays, during ramadan, several lessons a week. These things rarely come to pass meanwhile you have turned other clients away.
    If your partner is going to do this, suck it and see for a few weeks and then lay down your ground rules what you will and will not accept (but do experience it first before you decide if you have no experience of Egyptians!)
    One thing though, a lot of Egyptian teachers working in Egyptian schools rely on the income from private tutoring as their salary is very low (often under 1000LE per month - sometimes substantially less) and in no way comparable to that of a Brit or other expat doing the same job, even if that expat failed high school and works as a belly dancer 'but is a native speaker' (yes I know that person). So you may or may not have ideals around that!

  4. Hi,

    I am sorry for the late reply but I was away. You both gave me a lot of information, thanks so much for taking the time to answer. Unfortunately, this is not the answer I was expecting, my partner was hoping he could join an agency. I guess we will have to do a lot of leg work and it will probably take some time to build up a decent amount of hours. C'est la vie! Perhaps he can train as a belly dancer and tutor the expats?
  5. If your partner is a 'westerner' then you have a decent set of starting blocks...
    Is your partner not your husband...?

  6. Being married makes everything much easier.
    A long time.
    Oh, yes.

  7. AAAAAAAAAAAgggggggggggggggggggghhh
    No other comment than that
  8. Take it in context, Robby, you Scouse bollix.
    Just because you've got a trainload of settlements following you.... [​IMG]
  9. Alphaalpha

    Alphaalpha New commenter

    Really though, when I've done a full day's work in what I do, and I know what you guys also do, I'm knackered, and I bet you are too!! Teaching clarinet/tuba/maths/English/ophicliede after hours would really deplete drinking time and focus for the next day. BFG/FP/and other parties, comments please!!!
  10. It doesn't say so as such but the OP looks like they are bringing a non-teaching partner and was asking if there were tutoring possibilities for them.
    So, plenty of time for beers etc. after a few hours tutoring.
    OP - what school are you going to to? Hide the name a bit if you answer.

  11. Yes, I know a private Conversational English Course the address is below.
    Open door Saturday nights(6-10p) and open Sunday-Wednesday (11AM-10PM)


    BLOCK 8855 -2ND FLOOR
    Mokattam,cairo egypt
    In front of the future language Center

    telephone: 01211009874

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