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Private tutoring help

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by LWa7, May 22, 2020.

  1. LWa7

    LWa7 New commenter


    I would like to start online tuition, but rather than go through a company I would like to like to do this independently.

    I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions I have.

    1. What tutoring software would you recommend for calls and whiteboards? Are there any that have both a call and whiteboard feature? Preferably one that is collaborative. Also where I can upload documents onto etc.

    I have read many forums where people have suggested Bitpaper, IDroo, BaiBoard...What is the difference between them all?

    2. What equipment would you suggest I need? For example, writing tablet, headset etc.

    3. Please share any essential information for online tuition

    Many thanks
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    I am using googledocs and hangouts for my online tutoring. The shared documents in docs enable collaboration.
    The weak point with docs is the immense difficulty of drawing diagrams, I am currently pulling my hair out over chemical bonding diagrams.
    Geometry is also difficult.
    I would start from the point of view of "what do I want to teach?". "What do I need to share with the child?" "What do I want the child to send back to me?" followed, by "what software will deliver this"?
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  3. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    For drawing diagrams etc I have a separate webcam. I just draw the diagrams on paper and switch cameras to show them my drawings. A bit basic but it works and the students seem OK with it.

    In response to the OP, if you look through some of the other threads on here you should get some ideas.
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  4. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    Check out the many posts that are on here regarding becoming a new tutor. There are many. There are also many regarding the forums people use. I think people are having to repeat the same info, so it might be better to read the posts, as the info isn't different to what is in your request.
  5. br0wnsugar

    br0wnsugar Occasional commenter

    Could you elaborate where this information is?
  6. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    On this PRIVATE TUTORS forum you have:
    - Teacher turns private tutor- OP- Wants to know how they can become a tutor (OP posted: 5/5/20)
    - Can you make a living out of being a tutor? - OP- Wants to know the same as above (OP posted: Oct 2012, however last person who commented on it was on 24/4/20)
    - Setting up as a KS1/KS2 tutor- OP posted 2011. (Old posting, but useful info about setting up as a tutor)

    This is as far back as I go... (As there are much more if I looked). There are as I said loads. Generally people post if they have something new or different to say, but overall you won't get the usual cohort (such as myself) posting regarding how to set up as a tutor, if they've posted info before, as it's a very regular thing for people to ask.
  7. cwilson1983

    cwilson1983 Occasional commenter

    This made me chuckle.

    It amazes me how some posters won't scroll down the forum or search for posts that will answer their queries in detail.
    suzette likes this.
  8. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    I wonder if we can get a mod to pin a FAQ post to the top of the forum then we can link old posts especially as you have bothered to find the most helpful ones.
    lorencanna and suzette like this.
  9. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    That's a good idea. Wouldn't have a clue how you do that though.
  10. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    It's not actually much of an effort to scroll down and have a look at some of the old threads. If people can't be bothered to do that I'm not sure if they deserve to be helped.
    cwilson1983 and suzette like this.

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