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private tutoring: can it pay?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by hoglett, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. hoglett

    hoglett New commenter

    Looking in to the possibilities of giving up full time teaching and making a wage by supply, exam marking and private teaching... Any thoughts please x
  2. hoglett

    hoglett New commenter

    Looking in to the possibilities of giving up full time teaching and making a wage by supply, exam marking and private teaching... Any thoughts please x
  3. Supply will shrink with the advent of cut-price cover supervisors , exam marking is limited to a couple of times in the year a year and private tutoring has been limited by the economy, with parents loth to spare £20 a week on a tutor, so I'd say don't give up the day job. I get by on my pension, with exam tutoring and a casual job in the NHS, but I have no mortgage and my daughter has flown the nest. I can understand why saying goodbye to year 11 Z and that b1tch in the SMT seems attractive, but don't cut off a steady income.
  4. hoglett

    hoglett New commenter

    Thanks, that is just the sort of no nonsense advice I need. Have had a chat with hubby and realised that I'm unhappy with new job , only had 1 week at it but was promised a few things at interview that don't seem to be the case now I've started. Going to see hod tomorrow. Thanks again.
  5. Compromises are inevitable, but it leaves a sour taste in the mouth if you've lied to.Good luck
  6. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Partly through luck, some tutors willmake a good living, but of course there is no job security. Just as with actors and singers, talent comes into it, but a lot is luck-how much competition in your area, are parents prepared to pay for it etc etc.

  7. DonutBoy99

    DonutBoy99 New commenter

    Could you downsize your teaching job to part time, and then do some tutoring to take up some of the slack?
  8. Are you in affluent London/South East, then ? I don't think your fortunate situation is feasible in many areas
  9. I agree with Georgina - I too am a full time tutor - has taken me some time - but I make a good income.
    Bobvincent - I live in the NE - most definitely not in an affluent area - and I have worked extremely hard to build up a solid reputation. I do teach subjects in high demand and spend a lot of time planning and preparing - I enjoy what I do - I do not consider myself particularly fortunate - just damn hardworking and good at what I do!
  10. Which subjects do you teach? Do you get your customers through word of mouth or advertising/agency/websites? Do you travel or do they? How many students do you see in an average week? and how much do you charge?
    I apologise for sounding like an interrogator, but I'm interested in attracting more students, though doubtful that it's possible to make a living this way in West Yorkshire in hard economic times.

  11. How can you tutor "full- time" if school students are only available evenings and weekends during term-time?
  12. Home-schooled children.
  13. bananamoore

    bananamoore New commenter

    I'm in East Yorkshire and have 12-16 students a week. Most are A-level, so see many of them during the day. It has taken me 3-4 years to build up to this level though, but having to turn quite a few away now. So it is possible in less affluent areas!
  14. Where do you find enough children whose parents want home schooling?
  15. 15 k isn't
    You've been very lucky to get so many customers in your first year. This is not possible everywhere or with every subject. What are the "booster" classes? 15k isn't enough to live comfortably if it's your only income anyway
  16. bananamoore

    bananamoore New commenter

    As a near full-time tutor and parent of young children, personally, I would be in just about the same position wealth-wise earning 15K tutoring (no travelling costs, no wrap-around childcare etc) than I would earning 28-30K in a full time job.
  17. Don't full-time tutors on 15 k travel to any of their students?
  18. I personally could live on 15K a year - my own tutoring provides me with money, the chance to actually TEACH the subjects that I love and I get to meet some great students and families!
    I could no longer work in the classroom - as the behaviour was getting to me in a serious way - I was planning good lessons to be told that they were not good - I would spend a long time trying to plan 'exciting' lessons for them to fall flat after students clearly were not interested. I simply did not see the point in wasting my time any longer. So I left the classroom.
    It was, for me, not a money thing. I get enormous job satisfaction from what I do - but I cannot stress enough that this game is not easy!
    I spend a long time planning still - as I teach different specs, different subjects at a number of levels, I do need to ensure that I am fully committed. However, I know that my lessons and my ability to teach will be appreciated and this is what I enjoy.
    It takes a lot of time to build up a reputation - and then there is the added time spent ensuring that tax is sorted and above board - but this is no different to any other self-employed job.
    I do think it is horses for courses - being in this game is not for everyone - I am currently working until 9.30pm most evenings in the run up to exams and it will be this way until the end of June - but it DOES work for me.
    Time, effort and committment is essential - this, to me, is part of the challenge.
    I do travel Bob yes - but a lot of my students live in very similar areas - so I often travel 15miles and then literally teach for 4 hours in that area. Again, this works for me as I have so many students and many have told friends about me - so they tend to live nearby.
    Like GeorginaLouise said, it has also taken me YEARS to get to this point and, during that time, I WAS a little skint - well, a lot actually! - but it has paid off. I just thought anything worth having takes time.
    Wishing you luck Bob!

  19. Thanks for your generous reply, badteacher. May I ask in which area you work?

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