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Private to advertise for private tutoring

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by eggles, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. I am considering starting private tuition. Where can I advertise?
  2. Title is meant to say 'Where to advertise for private tuition?'
  3. Just Google home tutoring sites and you will be spoilt for choice.

    The + include:

    1. more jam less bread

    2. no Ofsted

    3. no SLT

    The - include:

    1. less bread, despite the jam

    2. HMRC!

    3. difficult customers
  4. Seeing as I mentioned difficult customers, I would welcome advice from others about how to:

    a. deal with clients who haggle endlessly

    b. persuade clients to honour tuition contracts

    c. ensuring that clients you cut loose do not spoil your well, so to speak

    d. ensure that tuition sites have some mechanism for dealing with clients who serially abuse tutors

    e. getting unions to take the matter seriously
  5. Just tell them what your price is and simply do not negotiate. Either they will pay it or you will find another client within a couple of weeks who is willing to pay.

    I didn't have a "contract" as such, but I did say from the outset that I expected a minimum of 3 hours work, and to be given a weeks notice. Occassionally client have broken these rules, but I haven't pushed it as I found new work quickly it wasn't worth the effort.

    I have never had a problem with this, the only time I have stopped tuition was because I got a new job and will have no time for it. They have all been very understanding (most were year 11/13 and would be stopping anyway)

    One time I could see it wasn't working and ended the tuition. The client was very unhappy and posted a bad review on the tutoring website where they had found me. I closed my subscription to the website.

    The only problem I had was one client who didn't pay. When I threatened to take her to the small claims court, eventually she coughed up 95% of the money (it wasn't worth quibbling about the remainder). I did't report her, perhaps I should have?

    There needs to be either a union for private tutors, or a union should have reps who can help with problems we are likely to face.

    Fortunately I will be stopping private tuition this summer. I have enjoyed it, but the travelling and HMRC means I won't miss it too much.

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