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Private schools employment UAE none matching degree and PGCE issue

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ndosanjh, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. ndosanjh

    ndosanjh New commenter


    I was offered a job teaching in a private school in Abu Dhabi. I have a PGCE in secondary science but my Bsc is in sport and exercise science. They have now withdrawn the offer as they were unable to get me a licence as my degree and PGCE dont match. Anyone know if there is anyway around this issue or know of people who have faced similar issues?
  2. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    The only way round this problem, as far as I can see, is to start applying for other jobs in some other countries. I would imagine that you could have exactly the same problem, whichever school you apply to in the UAE. I am sorry if that is not what you want to hear, ndosanjh, but it is probably the UAE Ministry of Education that is supposed to be handing out the licences. I cannot imagine that they will be changing their minds sometime soon.

    How about China?
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  3. ndosanjh

    ndosanjh New commenter

    Thanks for the reply

    i thought that would be the case. Just wondered if others had come across the same issue
  4. adrixargentina

    adrixargentina Occasional commenter

    I'm concerned about this. How long was itibetween getting your job offer and finding this out?

    I have a PGCE in MFL and a BA in Politics Major with Spanish Minor. I'd want to teach Spanish but don't have a clue if that would be a good enough match for them.
  5. adrixargentina

    adrixargentina Occasional commenter

    Ps, is secondary science different to exercise science? I'm ignorant on this.
  6. ndosanjh

    ndosanjh New commenter

    They told me pretty much straight away after i sent them the transcripts from by degree and PGCE. They told me as the content on my Bsc degree was very much sport related but i am a qualified science teacher they will not be able to get the licence for me to teach in the school. For my PGCE i did a subject knowledge enhancement year before the PGCE and i guess the MOE does not recognize this. However im only guessing there is no clear guidelines
  7. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    I work at a 'private' school and I have had colleagues who do not have matching degrees but I also know friends who work at different schools who have been transferred to different departments and/or campuses to teach subjects that match their degree eg a maths teacher with a CELTA had been teaching English but was switched to the schools other campus to teach maths, supposedly because of this issue (but they think it's just because the school was having trouble hiring maths teachers).

    My personal feeling is that if the school say no, there is no way around it, but if you work in the right place their PRO(s) might have enough Wasta to get you a visa. I have no evidence for this but I have heard of PROs who have overturned employment bans etc for teachers.
  8. ndosanjh

    ndosanjh New commenter

    Ah well I guess everything happens for a reason. Unfortunately I have no wasta :(
  9. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    Yes.. Totally different. B Ed in Sec Sc requires, at minimum specialising in three branches: physics, chemistry and biology. Exercise Sport Science's main focus is, from good reputable universities is anatomy and physiology.
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  10. swsimp160

    swsimp160 Occasional commenter

    Teaching as a profession does itself no favours. A degree in sport and exercise science and teaching science. Not HL IB Chemistry I hope? Well done Abu Dhabi for having basic standards. I wouldn't go applying for registration with any of the college of teachers in any Canadian provinces any time soon. Your PGCE must be England issued? Only place I can think would allow that.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  11. ndosanjh

    ndosanjh New commenter

    My PGCE was a 2 year course as opposed to a standard 1 PGCE year course. The first year was a subject knowledge enhancement year where I had to study chemistry, physics and biology to undergraduate level. To suggest that there is any lack of subject knowledge you’d be totally wrong. In addition teaching requires far more skills then just the knowledge. All these skills were recognized by the school hence why I was offered the job in the first place.
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  12. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    Scotland does the same thing as UAE - you can't teach the subject without having a significant part of your degree in the subject you're teaching.

    I teach a subject which I'd be totally unable to teach in Scotland. I know the subject now, but it's taken time for me to get there. And I get your point about the subject knowledge - but the UAE doesn't recognize that. It's the same as the teacher with a degree in Marketing and a PGCE in primary - they wouldn't be eligible for UAE either, regardless of the length of experience.
  13. adrixargentina

    adrixargentina Occasional commenter

    Can I ask you what you mean by "significant part". I want to teach Spanish but my degree is Politics Major with Spanish Minor. Is there a percentage/amount of credits I need my minor to have in order to get a visa? My QTS is MFL.
  14. swsimp160

    swsimp160 Occasional commenter

    'My PGCE was a 2 year course as opposed to a standard 1 PGCE year course. The first year was a subject knowledge enhancement year where I had to study chemistry, physics and biology to undergraduate level.'

    So one year of undergraduate study in the subjects you will be teaching. Why is that in any way acceptable? How can you possibly have any detailed understanding of these subjects with that level of study? Being allowed to teach science with that background diminishes teaching as a profession and the children we teach deserve better. As has been posted above, here in Scotland there is a minimum three years university study in a subject. Have also taught in Canada where qualification requirements are even more demanding and in BC you need one year university English (or French) to teach anything.

    England seems to have a race to the bottom in education. Presumably allowing someone with a degree in sport and exercise science in a science classroom allows wages to be driven down. What standard of school thinks that background is acceptable?

    Well done to those countries with basic standards. Someone with a degree in Sport and exercise should be nowhere near a science classroom.
  15. swsimp160

    swsimp160 Occasional commenter

    'teaching requires far more skills then just the knowledge'

    Being a doctor requires far more skills than just the knowledge. Might try a one year conversion and give medicine a go. Scary biscuits.

    PhD chemistry teachers everywhere weep at the diminishing of our profession
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
  16. swsimp160

    swsimp160 Occasional commenter

    You need three years university study in your subject in Scotland and Canada and, I am sure, other countries have similar standards as well. But there is a big difference with your case. Having a minor (presumably North American Uni.?) in Spanish and wanting to teach Spanish is very different from a degree in exercise science and wanting to teach science.
  17. abuzayd1987

    abuzayd1987 New commenter

    This thread has proved to be very interesting and insightful for me, thanks for posting.

    As someone who has thought about moving abroad and still harbours that wish for the future, does this mean that as a SEN teacher with a non-SEN related Degree I should put away any ambitions of a future move to the UAE? (and apparently Scotland and Canada too?)

    Would acquiring a MA in SEN or a NASENCo award change my future prospects or would I be forever hampered by the fact that I did not intend to enter SEN back when I was an undergraduate?
  18. ndosanjh

    ndosanjh New commenter

    You could be the best read surgeon in the world but if you can’t hold a scalpel under the pressure I wouldn’t want you operating on me. Like everything in life there is a balance and I have been teaching science for the last 7 years successfully whilst other better read colleagues have fallen by the wayside. Science teaching needs more people who are accessible to the students with the ability to inspire and motivate them. As well as PhD chemistry teachers to get students into top universities. There are many students with different needs out there who require support in different ways. Maybe you need to be more open minded?
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  19. chalet_fan

    chalet_fan New commenter

    Yes, this is very common in Abu Dhabi though I thought they were a little more relaxed this year.

    I have a BEng and a primary PGCE (science specialism). ADEK said no to both a primary class teacher and a middle years science specialist. This was at a big name school.

    I now work in Dubai as KHDA granted approval with no issues.

    I have known people arrive in AD, work 6 weeks whilst waiting for their approval to come through only for it to be turned down and they have to leave their job on the spot, and the country within a month.
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  20. Flanks

    Flanks Senior commenter

    SEN Qualifications are needed. I have friends who have moved to UAE as SEN leaders/teachers with either Level7 Qualifications or NASENCO.

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