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Private day nurseries

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by bethanyfoster_93, May 22, 2019.

  1. Hi I am currently working within a private day nursery within the 2-3 year old room. At the minute we're at a bit of stand still, staff are very rushed off their feet and demotivated and it's really bringing the whole morale down because our boss is adament most nurseries do tonnes more than us and its making us feel unworthy...

    Bit of an explanation, feel free to scroll straight down to the question as I am going to drone on...

    We usually have anything from 13-21 children in our room of a morning and anything from 7-16 of an afternoon. This is with 6 staff on a Mon and wed and 5 on the rest of the days so some days we are *just about* in ratio. Afternoons are quieter but we have staff lunches, Childrens lunches and children's naptimes to cater for.
    We do paper based learning journeys which we used to have a day each to complete each week, now we have to fit it around quiet times as there is no staff to spare most days. We have to do baselines within 2 weeks of settling children which is usually around 2-3 a4 sized paper covering all 7 areas and coel. Then a termly summary every term of the same sort.
    I feel that with the amount of children we have in everyday the paperwork is too much. I do only have 6 key children but when there is 21 children in 2 mornings a week and 17 2 mornings a week I don't feel like I can keep up with it all, especially since 4 of my children are full time so all in everyday, I can't leave 4 children to go do folders?

    Basically, I am asking for anyone in a similar situation, for any experience and knowledge on how to go about this so we can manage the room a bit better and take stress off of the staff shoulders.

    Thanks in advance
  2. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Lead commenter

    Hi there.
    arey room leader?
    First you seem to be in ratio most of the time except with 21 children you must have the 6 adults. It looks like there are times when you have more than enough staff eg if you have 15 children but 5 adults, then you should have enough eg for lunch. Typically busy day nurseries will either have other staff covering lunch or managers out of ratio covering. This might be needed on your busy days eg any session over 20.
    So it would seem to be from your description that it's the deployment/tasks that could be the bigger issue here.
    You do need to do a 2 year progress check which could be your baseline, but two weeks isn't long enough for settling in and knowing children well enough. I'd suggest complete the 2 yr progress check at about a month, longer if children aren't doing many sessions.
    Termly summary is quite typical if by that you mean 3 times a year(not 6 if you have short terms). You could look at what you write so they are not too onerous.
    Nothing wrong with paper based diaries, personally I prefer them for lots of reasons. But don't feel you need to do a certain number of obs every week. Also children can help with their own learning diaries as it's a great way to revisit learning. This can be done in the room on quieter days and is a valid learning opportunity. You could certainly do this with your rising threes. Some nurseries have focus children each week and rotate around so you are holding less each week.
    Then I think you need to look at your daily routine and daily activities to see what the pinch points are for you. When I visit toddler rooms that are really struggling it's often because either the environment isn't working well or there are far too many planned activities that require lots of preparation. Does any of that ring true to you?
    Finally do you have an advisory team in your LA that you could call upon? If you do, can you ask for help?
    Come back and let us know how you get on

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