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Private candidate - private assessment - difficult to place this one.

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Graham1982, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Graham1982

    Graham1982 New commenter

    Dear all:

    I am both an experienced teacher and private tutor. One of my tutees who was (up until results day) at quite a prestigious private school achieved an A in IGCSE English Language and fails in all other subjects (not Cs or above). Given her personality and bbackground, an FE college is not likely to suit her and parents are anxious that she makes good on her poor results and hopefuly does some A Levels (they cite her A grade in English as proof that she is capable and has historically been lazy, I agree to an extent).

    The question is this:

    Would it be possible for m to private tutor her English Language/Literature at A Level and get her IGCSE in Literature to a decent grade and then she be entered privately at another centre to sit/lodge coursework and exams? If so what is the procedure for this - how would the school that will let her do this gain assurance that she has actually done the work necessary etc? Are there any special things that I would have to do?



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