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Prison Teaching

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by iwantanoddingbuster, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Has anyone got any worthwhile experience to share about teaching in prisons? I'm seriously considering it as a "change" from what I'm doing at the minute (working in FE).

  2. Has anyone got any worthwhile experience to share about teaching in prisons? I'm seriously considering it as a "change" from what I'm doing at the minute (working in FE).

  3. Hello iwantanoddingbuster

    if you want further info and job vacancies, the prison service operates an email service informing of the latest vacancy. Sign up via their website as an "Instructor". They do recognize the PGCE PCET, or did when I enquired earlier this year.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Hi. I do it, and I love it; I'm employed by a college. Be warned you get all the FE bureaucracy PLUS all the prison service bureaucracy too (though we are not directly employed by them.) There is a vast difference across the secure estate, from Young Offenders, to max security stuff, women, men, various categories... you must visit first to get a feel for it. Some people get freaked once they are locked in. (and it can take a while to sort the clearance for a visit!).

    Various colleges have open days when you can talk to staff about it. Look up "Offender Learning." We still get buffeted by all the usual changes and whatnot in FE though, and it can be frustrating, but I find it always interesting and rewarding. Pay seems to be lower than general FE I think. As usual, sessional hourly-paid is the way in, but there is an advantage over other FE in that we work all summer if we want, as provision is 50 weeks of the year.
  5. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Chances are you'll be employed by one of a few large FE colleges. City College Manchester has one of the biggest contracts for prison education. Some of the vocational stuff is delivered by home office employed staff, but many of them have moved over to employment by the colleges. All Prison education and training is now LSC funded
    Can be rewarding - retention of staff is generally pretty good. Depends what you want to teach. Lots of basic skills, art.
    Jobs often advertised in the TES. Retention of prisoners (offenders) is not as good as you'd expect. People often frustratingly leave for another prison or get released when close to completing
  6. I know that this is an old thread, but can you tell me if working with young offenders, does one need QTLS? Or does QTS suffice?
  7. A few points to consider:
    - The Manchester College (formerley City College Manchester) is by far the largest provider of offender learrning.
    - The Manchester College is currently in the process of making 250 (full-time equivalent) staff redundant.
    - The Manchester College is currently trying to significantly reduce holidays and sickness benefits for all it's prison staff.
    http://www.ucu.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=1842 (See UCU Branch letter).
    - The LSC has now closed and The Funding Skills Agency now funds education in adult prisons (21+ age group).

    All information given here is <u>already</u> in the public domain.

  8. Retention of prisoners ..........God! I had a good laugh at that. They can't go anywhere lol

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