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Primay at IoE?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Pointyboots, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Hi. Anyone heard from the Institute of Education for primary yet. Getting a bit stressed as so
    many other unis apper to have been in contact :-(
  2. Hi. Anyone heard from the Institute of Education for primary yet. Getting a bit stressed as so
    many other unis apper to have been in contact :-(
  3. How long ago did you send in your application? I sent mine in last week (25th Nov), and I'm hoping to hear some time this week. I'm probably being a bit over eager, but I'm thinking that if IOE have already started interviewing for the primary PGCE they may be contacting people quite quickly. I'm so excited I really hope I can get in :)
    Good Luck to you all too!
  4. My application was in at the beginning of October but I still haven't heard about a place yet as they are still waitingto hear about funding from the TDA. :-(
    I applied this time last year and wasn't interviewed until Feb ( at that point all the places were gone) so just to caution you not to get too excited just yet.

    Good luck!
  5. Oh well, I guess I don't need to anticipating a reply any minute then. I am applying for the part-time primary PGCE, so I had thought it might be slightly less competitive for places. But maybe I also should be assuming that.
    I'm so keen to get going with the interview though; I've been down loading sample math tests, practising my fractions and algebra :)
  6. Different situation all together, there were definitely places on the p/t course later so fingers crossed you should be ok:)
  7. Hi
    Has anyone heard back from IOE yet? I am also waiting to hear back, I applied mid Nov.
  8. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I got on the waiting list for the IoE part-time Primary course in late August; a week later I was starting the course!
    I loved it, I'm hoping to go back in September to use my M level credits towards a Masters. If you get on the course and want any help, just holler!
  9. Hey all. It might be best to ring IOE as I was waiting for ages for a response and I called them today and they said i have an interview with them on the 24th February and that they will be sending out information in the post as soon as possible. So it might be that they havent informed gttr and as a result our records still shows as application sent for consideration.

    Meme x
  10. Hi Meme
    Well done on getting an interview! I received that same generic email and have just called them but they have said that my application is still being considered. They are still waiting to hear from the government about exact numbers to be allowed on the course. Fingers crossed I hear from them soon otherwise I may have to cut short my appliaction with them and sent it to my 2nd choice.
    Good luck in your interview! x
  11. Thank you! I'll have my fingers crossed for you that you also get an interview. Dont cut short your app with them yet, try calling them again at the end of the week as whether or not they dont know anything about places they would be able to say whether you have or havent got an interview. Try contacting them again esp if the generic email you got, said that they would contact you at the beginning of the new year!

    Best of luck! xx

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