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primary / year!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by JumpingStarfish, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    But doesn't the intake in Scotland start at a different time to in England? I have a friend who lives in Scotland and as far as I remember, P7 was Year 6, so P1 would be Reception. However, in England the intake is based on children's birthdays from September 1st, whereas I'm sure my friend was pretty much the youngest in her primary class and she was born in January! Therefore, it depends on when your children's birthdays are?
    Can't they say "your children were born in these dates therefore they're in year/primary x, y, z?"Surely going by date of birth would save a whole lot of confusion?
  2. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    As a random extra, I have text books at school that are Year 6 and in the corner they say P7. So I don't think everyone assumed year 6 and P6 are the same. Children start secondary school at the end of P7 don't they? At the age of 11?
  3. thats where the confusion comes in scotland birthdays from March and England September, Although Scotland Between Jan and March you can choose their class. Two of my kids born between the dates and therefor skip up a year when we move to England and repeat a year when we come to Scotland. 1 of my kids did 2 years in nursery (scotland) went into Year1 then returned to P2 in Scotland. Basically doing nursery then P2 twice!
  4. yeay!! I wish more did. It suprises me that TES does. Year 6 matches up with P7 but very rarely do you see that mentioned.
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    That's the only way I've ever seen it. P1 being reception and P2 being year 1 and so on. Scotland is always a number ahead as far as I've ever seen it.

    I think NI also uses P1,P2 and so on and I have a vague idea theirs do match up with the numbers in England, but I might be wrong.

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