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Primary teaching salary

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Matt_H_600, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Hi, in regard to the pay of primary teachers on the main pay scale, the post threshold and various leadership roles etc. is the values stated in the tables before or after tax/repayments?

    For example, main pay scale point 6 (outside of London and the fringe areas) corresponds to £31,552 yearly - is that after tax? I found a teaching tax calculator which calculated that on point 6 I would be paying back £10,553 in repayments/tax/pension etcetera - which meant that the net salary I would be receiving would be just £20,999 a year?

    Upper scale 3 - £36,755 yearly - after input into the calculator the net profit would be £23957.52?

    Headteacher - Level 14 - £51664 - after input into the tax/repayment calculator the net profit would be £32,118.66?

    Have I got this wrong, I've never had to pay tax before so was unsure of the actual salary of a teacher? I find it hard to believe that a headteacher would be on just £32,118 after tax?

    Thank you.
  2. The figures you quote are all before tax.
  3. Hi, thanks everyone for clearing that up for me! I'm slightly surprised that a top level post threshold teacher on £36,775 compared to a Head on £51,664 - which may sound like a large salary difference - is just ~ £8,000 worse off in terms of their net salaries! Still, I suppose tax is tax :)
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    And don't forget NI and pension contributions. Makes you wonder what the point is of working, doesn't it!!

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