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Primary Teaching in Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'Primary' started by annap3, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. annap3

    annap3 New commenter

    Am looking at the possibility of relocating to Northern Ireland from England.
    Could anyone tell me what the job situation is like in Northern Ireland, where vacancies are advertised etc? Thank you!
  2. I don't teach in Northern Ireland but I'm from there and have friends who do. Jobs are very hard to come by, even experienced teachers from England will often end up on supply (and there's not a lot of supply unless you know schools where you can hand in a CV).
    Any jobs going will be advertised on the education and library boards websites. There are 5 the North Eastern, Southern, South Eastern, Western and Belfast. If you go on the south eastern web page http://www.seelb.org.uk/ and click on links you can find the web addresses for the other boards there.
    Good luck!

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