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Primary teacher doing Secondary TA cover

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by jubilee, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You could decide to only take TA booking on the day and ring the other agencies as soon as possible after 7.30 each day to try to get teaching work befiore TA work is offered.
    It's often worth ringing them all at about 2.30pm too as most teachers staying off sick the following day will have notified their schools by that time in the afternoon.
    You also need to be aware of where you are in your JSA benefit Week. If you sign on a Thursday, your BW each week runs from Friday to a Thursday. once you've reached the end of Tuesday with no work on the previous Friday, Monday and Tuesday, you cannot get more than 3 days of work in that BW and if you then get Weds and Thursday at TA rates, you may well be worse off after taking travel costs into account.
    If you are getting JSA Income Based, with rent and Council TAX paid, I wouldn't advise taking odd days of work as it messes up the claim no end.
    Contact the LA adviser for your Key Stage and ask to be ket up-dated with news of Maternity leaves etc that they hear about on the grapevine.
    Contact schools direct, too, with your CV and availability. As long as it's not a school that an agency has sent you to, you would get the proper pay via the LA for any work booked.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If you do get some p/t work, don't make the mistake of going into the next signing day for JSA and saying that you worked this Tuesday, for instance and earned £100. They will assume that you have been paid already and will disregard the first £5 and reduce your JSA by up to £95. You only tell them about hours worked (on a B7 form) and tell them £Nil if you've not been paid yet.
    You only declare pay after you have received it, minus tax and NI etc, in your bank account. You show them your payslip at the appointment that is the nearest after being paid and they photocopy it. You enter your gross pay, tax and NI deducted, other deductions like student loan and then you eneter how much you actually had credited to yourt account. They use that last figure to assess your JSA, disregarding the first £5 of earnings and removing JSA £ for £ from the rest.
  3. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    And there lies the problem with the benefit system!
    People are no better off, and have considerably more hassle, if they do a day or two of work here and there, than if they decline this work. Ridiculous.
    I'm claiming JSA, one week I accidently worked over 16 hours (16.5 I believe) - they closed my claim, I had to wait til the next day, call up and reactivate it. I then had to do the whole initial interview etc etc all over again. What a waste of everyone's time.
    I only get £53 (the joy of being under 25) and not income based so no council tax benefit, so it is slightly easier for me - a single day of work earns me enough to make it worthwhile. But its ridiculous that people who want to work may be put off by the hassle or financial loss of losing JSA.
  4. Thanks for the replies. It's a good idea Jubilee to take the work on the day and make sure I'm free for teaching. I have been thnking about it some more and after another visit to the jobcentre for my signing on i think I probably will take the work as I really hate claiming the benefit! Luckily I am only on JSA CB so don't have to worry about messing up other benefits. If I was on IB I wouldn't bother as it would create more hassle than it would be worth!

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