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Primary SEAL planning

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by elizabeth1972, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I'm feeling particularly uninspired by SEAL this year, and having a nightmare trying to think of how to manage it across the 4 year groups in my class (Y3,4,5,6).
    My school seems to have "mislaid" the yellow book for Y3/4, and I can't download it from the archived site....
    I've had a quick look round the internet, but I can't find anything particularly helpful. Does anyone know of any wonderful books, resources or, preferably, a website with "off the peg" SEAL lessons to help ease my planning burden?!
  2. Hello, at EdComs we make free educational resources on behalf of different clients. We did one for The Children's Society - www.mylife4schools.org.uk which has been extremely popular with teachers. It was developed around SEAL and the old ECM agenda. Some really nice interactive resources and worksheets.

    It may solve your problem!

    Have a look and let me know what you think.

    All the best
  3. Thnaks Sophie, I've just registered on the website. The resources look great!
    What advice can you give to help teach PSHE in Reception class? We currently use our LA scheme and adapt it for needs of the children with other resources - Childrens Society now added to resource file - but need some guidance on what best to use with Early Years. In the past we ahve used SEAL but not sure if this meets the needs of the younger ones?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi Elizabeth
    I use a site called Go Givers.They have lots of great ideas for PSHE to work along with SEAL.
    I aslo have used Nationalschools partnership-Fantastic Mr Fox which was very useful too.
    Have a look and love to hear what you think!
  5. It's me again!Just remembered a great book I use.-For Every Child Its a Unicef book adapted by Carolyn Castle.
    PeaceOne Day is another good book and website about a global truce September 21st 2012.This year it's starting a 365 day countdown>I am trying to spread the word in my school.You can buy the book from t he PeacOneday site or Amazon.

  6. Thanks for all the pointers to great sites and ideas.
    Feeling much happier now! [​IMG]

  7. amt


  8. hi
    i have used a game called 'career detectives'. it has been amazing and the pupils love it. there is also a teachers resource pack included which helps you to plan lessons using the materials in the box. a fab resource, can be used in SEAL or PSHE. the pupils have even asked if they could buy the game in the shops, they were hooked!!!
    hope that helps you

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