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Primary SCITT anyone?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Kaz101178, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hi- I have my interview next week, and am trying to gather ideas and inspiration, especially about the formal interview part!
    Help any and everyone!
  2. Hi- I have my interview next week, and am trying to gather ideas and inspiration, especially about the formal interview part!
    Help any and everyone!
  3. Hi Kaz,
    Whereabouts is your interview? I have one next week too. At the moment I'm just looking at Every Child Matters, safeguarding, any current issues in teaching and obviously why I want to be a teacher! I'm not sure if that helps at all (or if it's even right!). Good luck with your interview :)
  4. hi1 its for Devon, so in Bere alston near plymouth. Have booked a b&b instead of travelling down in the morning. more topics ive found are the recent change in being able to sack underperforming teachers more quickly, (tho maybe they wont ask about this as bit irrelevant to now, as a new teacher? ) and the new teaching standards booklet from last july. #
    It seems days are really different across SCItts, some people having only an afternoon interview, and others two days- how about you? Devon its one day, with a maths/english test, 30 minutes lesson based on a story, a group task, 1 min talk about an area of the group task and a formal interview.
    nearly finished thinking what im going to do for the lesson (that has taken me days...) still got to think about 1 min presentation, and group task to mentally prepare myself.
    best luck to you.
  5. MizUnderstood

    MizUnderstood New commenter

    Kaz, just to reassure you, I spent weeks reading all sorts of educational policies and stuff leading up to my Devon Primary SCITT interview, and I didn't need any of it at all!! In fact at the end of my interview when they asked if I had any questions I joked something along the lines of "Are there no questions about the hundreds of pages of government documents I've read?!?!". ECM and a school based policy on safeguarding would be the only things I would think you need, unless they have greatly changed the process for this year.
    They are looking for your personality and teaching qualities and your ability to be reflective and NOT the ability to reel off government policies and current educational issues, just wish I'd know that before I spent my entire xmas holiday reading all sorts of stuff!! To be honest just knowing the basics is more than plenty.
    You can't really prepare for the presentation or group task as it will be set just as you start it, as a group you will be given a scenario or a general issue about children and you have to think of 6 areas around it, (I think it's about 20 minutes as a group to prepare for the 1 minute presentation each) then you each take an area and talk for one minute, so until you know what the scenario is there is nothing you can do about it!!

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