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Primary Science schemes

Discussion in 'Primary' started by PipLey, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. PipLey

    PipLey New commenter

    I have been tasked with researching primary science teaching schemes. I have found a few online but would really like to hear of any real experiences people have had with them. At the moment I am looking in to:
    Pearson's Science Bug
    Collins' Snap Science
    Kent Scheme
    Hamilton Trust
    Any feedback you have on these or anything else you have used would be really helpful.
  2. DFC

    DFC New commenter

    We use Rising Stars Switched On Science.
  3. PipLey

    PipLey New commenter

    How do you find this? I heard reports that it was very expensive and not user-friendly.
  4. pantobabe

    pantobabe New commenter

    Plan Bee science or ******'s plan it are both great schemes which come with all planning, worksheets and power points.
  5. pantobabe

    pantobabe New commenter

    T winkl that was supposed to be! Didn't know the word was banned!
  6. man501

    man501 New commenter

    The Collin's Snap Science was written by a group of respected science experts/consultants and edited overall by Jane Turner, who is Director of the Primary Science Quality Mark. Based on the people involved I would recommend looking at that as pedagogy and scientific working was kept at the heart of the scheme.
  7. PipLey

    PipLey New commenter

    We do like the look of this one a lot. Plus is actually includes Foundation Stage, which is rare!
    slingshotsally likes this.
  8. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    It was quite good to use . Unfortunately the Academy I worked at gave little regard to resources for this.

    Dr Marks does science very well.

    The science is theory is explained well, the resources are easy to come by, inexpensive and the CD ROM's explaining the 4 part experiments are outstanding value for money. IF you want to teach science with a BANG then this is the best I have EVER used.


    You will never regret this purchase, it is on HDCD and can be kept in class. I hated when the internet and WIFI broke down.

  9. TidgyPudding

    TidgyPudding New commenter

    Snap Science. Good clear progression and objectives for staff to follow. Links to our APP and end of year assessment. Lessons are ok for ideas which is fine as no teacher should ever be teaching a prescribed lesson word for word anyway.
  10. PipLey

    PipLey New commenter

    Did you find the Foundation Stage section and the assessment useful? These seem to be two of the key selling points for me with this scheme. I also like that they seem to have considered differentiation well. How did you find this? TIA
  11. kla148

    kla148 New commenter

    What did you decided to go for in the end? I have been asked to look into schemes for our school too and the main one we have looked and, and like, is Edu Kent. Any feedback would be great!
  12. ngrba

    ngrba New commenter

    Sigma science is really good! Easy to use too.

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