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Primary Science Quality Mark

Discussion in 'Primary' started by maurc, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Hi 4evayoung
    I am also hoping to apply for science quality mark; which seems like a whole lot of work. Have you any ideas to share mainly where to begin from. If you did get an example of a form that has already been filled out would you mind sending a copy to sophiachance@gmail.com.
    Thank you
  2. would love to help with a form, BUT there is not one, as unlike many Marks PSQM is about the school developing the science in the school ove rthe course of a year and then submitting a range of documents and refelctive writing exploring the impact of these developments. this work is supported over the year by a local hub leader, the PSQM is not so much hard work, but developing sciecne in your school can be.
  3. Hello all,

    I have just set up a group on here called Primary Science Leaders/Coordinators to create a community to support those in our role. Please feel free to join.

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