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Primary Science leader in need!

Discussion in 'Science' started by laineylou, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. I have recently been given the post of Science subject leader in a primary school. I have never led a core sub ject before and am not 100% what i should be doing! Im doing the basics of collecting assessment data and evidence half termly, planning and photos etc.

    But im looking for some inspiration! Any ideas?!!
  2. Hello I am in the same position as you were in September. Have you recieved any advice? What have you learned from experience?
    Greatly appriciate any ideas!
  3. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Surely your LEA should be able to provide some INSET for you? Why were you given the job?
  4. Hi laineylou. I've been science co-ordinator for ever at my school. The main thing that takes up my time is ordering and organising resources. Get your budget nice and tight, tell the staff that they can have £*** each for resources they are 'desperate' for. Do an audit of what's in school and keep a close eye on where stuff goes.
    The biggest problem in my school is that, although my teachers like teaching the meaty objectives- friction, elecrticity etc, they ignore the scientific enquiry and leave that until last. Then the skills never get taught because something else comes up. Find a progression in skills sheet for science- Google it, I'n sure you'll find something- then ask them to tick off the skills as they have been TAUGHT! When you do book scrutiny, look for evidence that they have been covered. Ask the kids during pupil interviews and do pop quizes of the key vocabulary.
    Best of luck
  5. Hi laineylou,

    I'm in a similar situation as you and I found the following link really helpful fro getting me started with all the things that 2ndincommand has mentioned. Good luck with your role.

  6. Also, getting your school to jojn CLEAPSS.org.uk so that you can get lots of guidance would probably help.

    I have just started a group on here called Primary Science Leaders/Coordinators. Why don't you join and perhaps we can create a community to help one another.
  7. Hello again overexcited,

    I have just started a group on here called Primary Science Leaders/Coordinators. Why don't you join and perhaps we can create a community to share information and help one another.
  8. Hi 2ndincommand,

    I have just started a group called Primary Science Leaders/Coordinators. Would you like to join?

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