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Primary science co-ordinators please help- tracking/monitoring progress

Discussion in 'Science' started by ducksgoquack, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Cornholio

    Cornholio New commenter

    What are you asking for Josie? What to assess & how, what to record & how: or both?
  2. Hi, we're ok on what to assess but really it's the record keeping of levels. thinking of having benchmark children for each year group as in APP but as we've been told not to use the APP science form i am looking for examples of what other people might use to keep a record of levels etc.

    hope that makes sense!

  3. Would also like some advice on this.

    APP isn't an option, need something less time consuming for the teachers in the school. It won't be completed otherwise.

    Benchmarking 3 children for each year group sounds a good option. Any alternative?
  4. Is it possible to monitor progress in science? Different topics are studied at different times, with months or years before returning to a particular topic.
    An analogy. It would be like monitoring the progress of a soccer player by recording attainment in different skills at different times. e.g. Year 1, kicking accuracy. Year 2, dribbling. Year 3, tackling. Year 4, goalkeeping. Pointless!

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