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Primary Science APP

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kittycat3, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. I am a science co-ordinator in a network of schools that is trying to develop a progress/tracking tool similar to the maths, reading and writing APP grids. Does one exist already? I've read that KS3 are trialling one. Does anybody have a copy of this or something similar that I could adapt to save me loads of time?
  2. sorry to bump this... is anybody able to help?
  3. Hi Kittycat,

    Don't have one but am in the process of doing the same so if you do manage to find one please forward it on and i will do the same if i get hold of anything.



  4. APP for science is on its way - although possibly not for a year. It has been written and is being trialled in some LAs up and down the country.
  5. Thanks kildonan, had a look at that website and it looks very useful!
  6. Hello, I'm a leading Science in North Tyneside and am currently trialling the APP for science. Hang in there and it will be published when tested, tweaked etc.

  7. senorcalvo

    senorcalvo New commenter

    That sounds very interesting. Could you please provide more detail. Also are there any links or could you possibly send me a copy of the material you are using.
    This would be much appreciated.

  8. hello again, sorry I can't share any of the resources or materials unitl the trial is over but will post them as soon as have got the go ahead. This term I am trialling them in my own class, next half term I introduce them to the whole yr group then feed back to QCA. After that it will be rolled out in the LA so I'll update this as it goes. The format is very similar to the APP for writing. It only cover SC1 as you can really see progress in enquiry skills rather than knowledge and understanding which can vary depending on the topic.

    sorry it is so vague and i promass that i'll share it when i can

    hope this helps

  9. i was just wondering if there was any more information on the science APP?
  10. Would you please forward me a copy of the app sheets. Many thanks.
  11. http://www.lgfl.net/lgfl/leas/haringey/web/teachers%20section/KS2/Science/Assessment/Assessment%20page%201/Sc%20Assessment%20general/
    This site has a copy of the draft APP on it - it was in the thread on Science APP a couple of weeks ago.
    Also I suggest having a look at the National Strategies website (Secondary) as they are already using APP for Science - it has APP standards files just like the ones for primary English and Maths. It will give you a good idea of what you need to think about for evidence.
    On the Haringey site you will see a link to Astra - Zeneca's assessment activities which will help you collect your evidence.
    Remember it is going to be new for all of us this year and at some point QCA are supposed to publish assessment materials to use with Y6 children.

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