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Primary science: a minefield!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by laineylou, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. I have recently taken over as Science subject leader and am at a bit of a los as to where to start. I have trawled the data only to find that 2/3rds of the school are underachieving for their age.
    Considering we have no money in the budget for CDP, where do I start in addressing this problem, all advice welcome!

  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    For starters you need to look at where the gaps are & plan some new units of work to ensure those areas are being covered.
  3. Not sure if this will help but here is a list of things that I do as science subject leader.

    - monitor books against planning
    - track 3 children from each class each half term (we do end of unit assessments and I ask the teachers for the levels they got in these)
    - teachers also give me numbers gained in each level at the end of each unit
    - have ensured that investiagtions are a big thing in the school
    - run staff meetings
    - given staff a list of good quality websites that they find useful
    - ensure resources are up to date.

    I would begin by checking planning and books and see what advice you can give after looking at these. Has your HT given any advice as to what they want from you?
  4. What do you use for your end of unit assessments?
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Good advice Dub73.

  6. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    How about talking to your colleagues and finding out how confident they feel about teaching science? Are there any areas where they would like/appreciate your input? Is there anything they are crying out for? Where do they feel that their srengths/weaknesses are? How do they feel, as a staff, is the best way to tackle the under-acheivement? I suppose you could always run a little survey?
    Sorry, I'm coming back into school after a baby + child break, and tend to veer away from additional paperwork....[​IMG]
  7. Not 100% sure of the name (can never remember for some reason) but will look tomorrow and post the name. They are for Years 1 to 5 and cover each unit of the science (like mini sats)
  8. oldsizenines

    oldsizenines New commenter

    Our science coordinator looked at our data, designed a new assessment method and it turned out we were massively under-assessing our children. Sorry I can't be more specific about what those methods were but maybe there's hope yet!
  9. essentiallyprincess

    essentiallyprincess New commenter

    Could you APP the work done to see the areas lacking? Is there long term planning in place for Science? Are there any confident teachers in Science who could help (surprising how many A-Level/degree's you may have in Science) with CPD. I am a fourth year student and have been teaching Science with Year 2. Last week they were looking at human differences and I wanted them to tally blue eyes and brown eyes in the class (as well as hair colours) when the Class Teacher helpfully pointed out she had green eyes so I quickly included it in the lesson. When I had a quiet minute though I explained that I did that but technically there are only blue and brown eyes and different combinations of genes to make the varying eye colours you see (she also told a child that his eyes changed colour - I just let that one go!) but since it was A Level left it out of the lesson - passive aggressive maybe but I think it got my point across.
  10. Are they Rising Stars?
  11. Hi Dub 73,

    I have just started a group on here called Primary Science Leaders/Coordinators. Would you like to join. It would be great a community where we can share our expertise and support one another.

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