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Primary School Timetables - What are the legal requirements?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by jtibbles79, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking at changing the school timetable in preparation for September. Obviously when designing any timetable there are legal requirements which this must meet. I've thought of a few but if anyone can add to this list then I'd be really grateful.

    - Daily Mathematics lesson (45 mins - 1 hr)
    - Daily Literacy lesson (50 mins - 1 hr)
    - A lunch break (no minimum length)
    - 10% PPA entitlement for all teaching staff
    - Weekly PE Lesson
    - Daily Assembly

    No doubt there are others but my mind isn't working as well as it once did! Thanks in advance.
  2. teacherofmany

    teacherofmany New commenter

    I think it's an hour for RE and 2 for PE. Recently someone mentioned a quota of time that should be used for science @ KS2 (3 hours possibly?).

    Go to http://curriculum.qca.org.uk/key-stages-1-and-2/Values-ai... to get the details of what should be taught. I've pasted a summary below:

    "At key stages 1 and 2.the statutory subjects that all pupils must study are art and design, design and technology, English, geography, history, information and communication technology, mathematics, music, physical education and science. The teaching of careers education, sex education and religious education is also statutory."

  3. You're right about daily Maths, Literacy and Collective Worship.

    Lunch needs to be of a reasonable length.

    RE needs to be 5% of teaching time.

    There is a recommendation for 2 hours per week PE, but it's not statutory.

    PPA needs to be 10% of teaching time.

    All other recommendations only need to be taught throughout the year.

    In my school we have calculated the annual teaching time, allocated time for Maths, English PE and a few other subjects particular to school priorities, all other subjects can be taught in any blocks of time during the week, as long as it balances out over the whole year. There is a lot more flexibility than you would think!

    To change the beginning or end of day needs to go to Parent consultation for I think 3 months, so you haven't got time to do that for September.

    Hope that helps!

  4. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Don't think literacy and maths are legally required to be daily, it's just common practice.
  5. RE will vary according to the Agreed syllabus you are using - for example Kent requires the equivalent of 1.25 hours per week at KS2 and 1 hour per week at KS1.

    This is the only subject with a statutory time requirement - the rest are just 'guidelines' (though this is the governments definition, which means "if you are not doing this we will be asking questions"!!)
  6. There is only a statutory length of a school year - 190 days for pupils and 195 days for teachers.

    There isn't even a statutory length of a school day or a school week.

    You have to teach the Programmes of Study of the National Curriculum subjects - but nowhere does it statutorily define the time allocations for any of them.

    There may be an expectation of daily lessons in maths & literacy, but they've never been statutory.
  7. Just want to say I have recently been on a course regarding new curriculum in Wales and emmett is perfectly correct - sure s/he knew that:) You do not have to have an English or Math lesson if you don't want provided that the orders / skills are taught.

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