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Primary School Placement

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by peanut333, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. peanut333

    peanut333 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I’m just after a bit of advice:

    For the 2nd week of my secondary PGDE, I have do a placement in a primary school, which I think is pretty standard. We had to arrange this placement ourselves, which proved to be as difficult as I expected it to be. (Why would a head teacher decide they have enough time to arrange for a random trainee come observe lessons at their school?)

    I, eventually, managed to get a yes from someone for which I am incredible grateful. The way I see it they’re doing my a huge favour and I owe them a bottle of something strong. However I’m now getting the silent treatment from them and I’m not sure how to interpret it. In March, we agreed we’d talk through the finer details of my placement nearer the time. After seeking advice from my university on when “nearer the time” means, I emailed the head teacher a few weeks ago with my DBS and more or less saying please let me know when they would like to go over the details.

    I didn’t receive a response, so after two weeks I tried calling to ensure they had received my email. Unfortunately, I didn’t get through and the receptionist said she’d let them know I rang. I still got nothing, so tried again a few days later and the same thing happened. Now I really don’t know what to do.

    I completely understand that the head teacher is busier than I can even imagine and I’m going to be quite low down on their priority list. The last thing I want to do is annoy them because they’re doing this all out of goodwill. But at the same time, if for whatever reason I can’t do the placement with them anymore, I need to know so that I can try to sort something else out with the little time I have left…

    Am I even right to be thinking that this could mean that I may not be able to do the placement anymore or am I just jumping to conclusions? The optimistic side of me is saying that they would just to tell me instead of ignoring my attempts to contact them, but the longer I don’t hear back, the more worried I’m getting.

    Any advice would be much appreciated

    p.s. I’m moving to the other side of the country for my training, so visiting the school in person isn’t an option
  2. fluffy81212

    fluffy81212 New commenter

    Is this for September?
  3. TheOneTonBun

    TheOneTonBun New commenter

    I would forward the first email again and say something like,

    "I wonder if I could check up on this? Sorry to pester but I was talking to my tutor and need to confirm if the placement can go ahead? If you could just get back to me by X date, and the other details can be cleared at XXX. Very much looking forward to meeting you in X is still possible. I understand things can change so if it's not convenient any more could you let me know as soon as possible. Many thanks blah blah."

    If they don't reply again then you'll need to look for somewhere else.

    FWIW teachers are really bad at replying to emails so what you describe isn't that unusual, especially for a head.
    bonxie likes this.
  4. peanut333

    peanut333 New commenter

    Hi both,

    Yeah this is for September when I start my course

    And thank you TheOneTonBun, I'll give your suggestion ago. Really appreciate your advice! :)
  5. fluffy81212

    fluffy81212 New commenter

    I think the advice above is great, the thing is nearer the time in there minds is probably the end of July at this point in time most primary schools are completing their assessments and handover for the classes moving up so it is very busy. From your perspective I know you need an answer and maybe an alternative place is a good idea, but nevertheless make it clear you understand things are very busy.

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