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Primary School Interview

Discussion in 'Primary' started by eamonnmcc99, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. eamonnmcc99

    eamonnmcc99 New commenter


    Can anyone help me? I'm a Secondary School teacher, but have decided to move to Primary and have been invited to an interview next week.

    I've obviously been cramming so to get up to date with many things to do with Primary, but I'm a little worried about the lesson I've got to teach as I have very little experience planning and teaching at this level and am also a little unfamiliar with the curriculum.

    So they want me to teach an English Year 6 mixed ability class, who have been studying a range of texts? Can anyone help me with a little insight into what I could do? I have some ideas but am concerned that my aim might be way off!

  2. Sarahmck86

    Sarahmck86 New commenter

    Maybe take a text and get children to adapt it. Depends on the length of the lesson, but some AfL, maybe peer assessment or similar. Keep it simple for interview, you don't know the class and it's a stand alone lesson. Good luck! I was in the exact same position as you about 6 months ago (albeit teaching a year 5 class for interview) but I got the job and couldn't be happier now.
  3. eamonnmcc99

    eamonnmcc99 New commenter

    Thanks Sarah, the advice is appreciated

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