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Primary Position Suddenly Available

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Brazildude, May 17, 2012.

  1. A colleague just handed in her notice with only a month or so til she leaves. Will it be hard for the Head to find someone at this short notice? Are there many good teachers left at this time of the year?
  2. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    This year demonstrated, once again, that you never know.
    We usually have to come to market late, thanks to local labour law and the fact that some departing staff will not write a letter of resignation until their new school sends contract, visa, new laptop, photos of the nany, cook and garden boy, and the first month's salary.
    So there's always a feeling that by the time we enter the arena, some of this year's Handsomest Hunks and most Gorgeous Goddesses have been lured away already, to the ethically-run schools in model democracies that abound in the Near and Far East.
    This year we hit the recruiting trail in March, and had slim pickings indeed. I never get desperate, being a congenital optimist and drunk for much of the time, but things looked as bad as they have ever been.
    Another costly lunge into the marketplace in early May, and to our astonishment we received a bulky wad of very good applications, and four apparently first-rate appointments were made (face-to-face we never go wrong - when forced to phone or skype we have once or twice hired bummers).
    But... it is getting late, as my wife mutters anxiously at 0430 when our daughter still isn't home.
    If anyone were to resign now, I would stay calm and pour a caipirinha, but would worry a little about finding a really good replacement.

  3. <strike></strike>
    <strike>He means bum-lickers.</strike> Joke.
  4. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

  5. Here's hoping we get someonegood soon. Like most schools in L.A., almost the entire staff is American which is really fine but being the only European you know is a little odd sometimes. If any primary teacher is out there and wants to fill this position, pm me.
  6. What is the position?
  7. Primary position teaching third and fourth grade, it's a small school and the grades are combined. Very small classes and a TA.

  8. Yes. In Rio de Janeiro state.
  9. I'd have to disagree. Having made my way overland from Mexico to Peru (barr the sailing from Panama to Colombia), meeting many teachers along the way, I'd say it is quite the norm.
    No, very close to Rio city, in an oil city full of expats.
    I'm not recruiting at all. I'm new to the job myself, happy here and happy to help anyone who's stuck at this time of year.
  10. Actually, there is another European at the school. How rude of me.
  11. I did wonder why it would be so strange that Americans were teaching in L.A.

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