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Primary pgde as a route into early years?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by annimiller87, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. annimiller87

    annimiller87 New commenter

    So I've been teaching EFL for a few years, and also had TA jobs in special needs schools and PRUs in the UK. Currently working in an international kindergarten in China and now really keen to move back and teach early years in Scotland. I want to settle and have found early years to be the most fulfilling thing for me by far.

    I want to get the best training I possibly can; would you recommend a primary pgde? I know there are other ways in but I've read you need a pgde to work in maintained schools and get a better salary. Has anyone got experience in going into early years through either the pgde or another route? Any tips or recommendations?

    If I do apply for a place on a pgde, do you recommend I pretend I am just as enthusiastic about teaching older kids? Or can I be honest that although I'm certainly willing and able to be flexible, I am passionate about early years and aiming to end up there? And after I get the pgde am I likely to struggle to find a good early years job?

    Would love any pointers at all from anyone with experience. I realise this post is a bit rambly with several qus but I'm finding it hard to find real people to discuss this with. Thanks.

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