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Primary PGDE Aberdeen

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Bob30, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Just noticed my track status has changed- interview on 12th of January! Woohoo!
    Anybody else heard from Aberdeen?
    Any tips or advice?
  2. Just noticed my track status has changed- interview on 12th of January! Woohoo!
    Anybody else heard from Aberdeen?
    Any tips or advice?
  3. I have an interview on the 13th! Just trying to sort out presentation now....unsure of how to work it!
  4. got my interview on the 12th also. Got my presentation mostly finished now. Getting excited now that its just over a week to go :p
  5. It is exciting! Did my presentation on collaborative learning, have heard that interview questions are based on it.
  6. Was just wondering, did you focus on your key issues throughout the whole presentation? I just read mine over there and noticed I started to get more general about teaching etc on the second and third parts.
  7. Well i kept it quite focussed during the second part, then proceeded to go reasonably vague on the third part. But so long as what you're saying is still relevant and they can pick up something to talk about then that should be fine.They'll probably spend most of the time talking about things from your application.
  8. Hi

    I am in the same boat as you...I generalised about the video and then discussed the more specific areas.....very difficult to keep it down to 5mins!!!! :)
  9. It is very hard! Mine was 9 minutes the other day- oops! The CL video is about CL obviously and AFL so there is just too much to say!
  10. Good luck to those who have interviews tomorrow!!!! Feel freeee to post any difficult questions that they might ask on here after :p
  11. Will let you know about all the curveballs they throw at us. It'll be at a rate of £100 per question though [​IMG]
  12. Well thats good you didn't think it was that bad! Did they say when you would hear?

  13. Glad that's over! The interviewers were very nice though.
    They said that they can't be sure when the number of places allocated will be finalised- sounds like we won't be hearing anything at the end of the month afterall...
  14. I only had one person! Really? I was told results will be out in around three weeks....Thats weird usually the number of places gets stated at start of Jan, ooo heres hoping they don't reduce them further!!! Especially after how nervous I was!
  15. Well now that's is all done and dusted... what presentation did everyone do? I went with Behaviour Management but ended up with a huge amount of material to talk about, and had to just concentrate on a couple of issues. Which I know is what they asked but, still, it was a bit annoying!

  16. Did anyone else get interviewed by just the one lady?
  17. No, I had two- both very nice- but I've gone and forgotten their names now.
  18. I have forgotten names aswell! She gave me her email address, unsure if that is a good thing or a bad thing!
  19. I had my interview for pgde primary for Aberdeen on 12th as well. I thought the interviewers were lovely but I was soooo nervous during my presentation! :(
    They told me they couldn't give any dates for when we'll hear back one way or another..guess we'll just hav to religiously keep checking GTTR every day lol !!
    good luck everyone :)
  20. I was so nervous too, my presentation was over in like a minute because I was speaking so fast with nerves!
    Hmmmm, sounds like my interviewer was unaware of the date chat, typical! Got my hopes up for hearing soon, whatever the outcome!

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