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Primary PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by opeel, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. opeel

    opeel New commenter

    Is it possible to get on a PGCE upper primary course with a third at degree level? I have over 12 months experience as a teaching assistant and after school games coach. I am also male. If I can't get on with a third would doing a masters to 'bump' up my degree classification have any impact on being successful in the future
  2. Primary PGCE are extremely competitive even if you're a male. Most Universities would require a 2.1 minimum 2.2, so I would say it is unlikely. Doing a masters could help this, but speak to the University you're thinking of applying to. A third a degree level suggest to them that you won't be able to cope with MA essays. What is you degree in the more it relates to the national curriculum the better. Furthermore, you won't get a bursary with a third, and that's tough as in a PGCE money is tight. I hope this helps.
  3. Hi,
    I agree with iwright88 that most universities are hell bent on 2:1's now, especially as allocations this year are next to nothing. You do get some that will accept 2:2's, but now you only get funding with 2:1s and firsts which will be difficult. I dont know if you sit a masters you will get a bursary based on that? I'm not sure.
    I say that you might as well give applying a shot with your third! You have a lot of experience, which may get you through, something that I'm struggling with as I go for interviews at the minute!
    All the best.
  4. opeel

    opeel New commenter

    Thanks for the replys guys, is it possible to start a degree with qts after a year because of the experience I already have?
  5. A undergraduate degree? If so very much doubt it, you would have to do the full three years. Although this is a good way to get into teaching because of your third. What A levels do you have?
  6. opeel

    opeel New commenter

    I have a B and two C's, the thing is I don't want to do another 3 years at university, would it be better to do a masters and then a PGCE or just start another undergraduate degree with qts?
  7. I understand that. However, PGCE's are competitive and you might not even be offered an interview with a third class degree. If you do this it might take you two years trying- there will be candidates with as much experience, if not more, with a 1st or 2.1, and maybe people with masters applying too, so again they will look at your UG degree. If you've got A levels in national curriculum you shouldn't have any problems getting on a undergraduate course. I know it seems extreme but you might end wasting a few years with no success of getting on a pgce, so the UG route might be your quickest way. Again you would have to speak to the University you have in mind, and run it by them.
  8. I got a third in my degree (which was marketing) and I recently finished my pgce last July. I wanted to stay in the north west but there werent any uni's that would accept me with a third but I did find two that would consider my application; london metropolitan uni and london southbank uni.
    On my second year of applying, I got on at London Met. Just call round as many as you can, surely it cant have changed much in 2 years. Good luck!
    Also look into the possibility of a GTP.

  9. Peeach raises a good point. If there are ones out there then find them and do that. Emphasis on your experience in the application and interview, and show your commitment and passion to the teaching.
  10. opeel

    opeel New commenter

    Thanks that good to know, what pgce course did you do? And did you ring univerisities or did you just apply through ucas?

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