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Primary PGCE, September 2020, thinking of applying again...

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by greasychipbuttie, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. greasychipbuttie

    greasychipbuttie New commenter

    Due to anxietys and poor mental health I left in 2018...(given plenty of positive feedback from course tutors, and my placement - "you'd make a great teacher" "you have the correct personality"

    Ive joined a gym, lost weight, slowly building my confidence, I now realise that I "ran" at the first sign of difficulty.

    I started the course, having never worked a day in a Primary. Poorly motivated and assumed "school experience" would get me through! Ive worked many years in secondary

    Now, I am looking to apply for TA roles in Primary, reconnect end of this year with Uni, who when I left, left the door open for me to return. I also believe my skills tests, which I worked damn hard to pass, are still valid? Ive not felt jubilation like the day I passed my maths!!

    I see the many failings, to why it didn't work, I realise now, I should never have started.

    Has anyone been in a similar position? How would the university feel about my return, would it be awkward? I realise its going to be a tough year, but my physical goal is to be 2 - 2.5stone lighter this time next year. I feel more motivated (reality of some tough roles this last 12 months!)

    Thanks if anyone feels they can comment? Speak from experience or simply give any opinions? I hope this reads ok?
  2. greasychipbuttie

    greasychipbuttie New commenter

    *Left 6 weeks into the course...
  3. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Hmmmm. I don’t want to put you off, but I’m a bit unsure what all the weight and fitness is to do with it all. We have people do all sizes on the course and no body size or weight correlates to quality of teaching.

    I think you are on the right lines - you are working on your self confidence to believe what everyone tells you: you will make a great teacher. However, don’t conflate body image or weight with confidence. When the teaching stress comes it will be organisation, mindfulness, consistent and methodical application of theory and practice etc., that get you through.
    greasychipbuttie likes this.
  4. greasychipbuttie

    greasychipbuttie New commenter

    Tbh, the year or two leading up to the PGCE I’d put about 2-3 stone on! Another warning sign that I should have waited!

    We live and learn! Seeing all the photos today from the group i left does hurt a little!

    100%, it’s about building self confidence and self esteem!

    I totally agree, the actual course is about organisation, hard graft etc but got to get my foundations right!
  5. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Good luck with it all. I think most people struggle with weight at some time or other in their lives, but some people are ultra successful despite not doing well at this. I keep on top of weight loss and fitness for health reasons not work reasons. Separate the two and I think you’ll step back into teaching just fine. It will be, at some point in the course, absolutely barking mad with stress again. Take that as read. It’s how you react to the stress. It’s acute stress rather than chronic stress so label it as such and move through it until it dissipates. Don’t confuse it with chronic stress which is different and during which you should sometimes consider changing things like the course. Acute stress goes off after a bit and comes in waves - it’s normal and manageable.
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  6. greasychipbuttie

    greasychipbuttie New commenter

    Great advice! Thanks.

    Would you go back to the original Uni or would you try somewhere new if you had been in a similar position? (SCITT instead of PGCE)

    Will it be awkward? Would staff “treat” me different??

    I normally say “don’t go back” but I feel its “unfinished” business!
  7. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Oh 100% find a different institution. I'm a course leader and when they return you can't help but have low expectations no matter how much you try. A new course and you would find you get a clean slate.
  8. greasychipbuttie

    greasychipbuttie New commenter

    Ahhh! Thats interesting given your role! Great advice. Have you seen many return? Is it common? What’s the success rate?

    I think I’d go SCITT route. With a years TA experience under my belt. On reflection I learn best by “doing”
  9. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    I run at around 3% interruption and they are successful on return. It’s tough for them though. In all seriousness? I wouldn’t go the SCITT route. You want a day a week off with your fellow trainees where you can come out of the bubble of school and reflect on the week. In addition, the SCITT is bound to a tight small group of schools. Run into problems and they will burn you off. A HEI will work with hundreds of schools and then place you or move you to the school where you are successful.
    It’s a non-story this learning by 'doing' sold by the likes of Gove. The mentor and the mentoring is the same whether it is SCITT or HEI. What is different is the additional input. My loyalty is to my trainees - I’ll burn a school off rather than my trainee. I meet with them every week, advise them, support them and also introduce them to lots of ways of working, not for me any single approach to teaching. If you want a supportive route then go HEI. SCITTs like ready baked teachers. I’m biased, but that’s the way it works with SCITTs.
    greasychipbuttie and agathamorse like this.
  10. greasychipbuttie

    greasychipbuttie New commenter

    I would only have one option of Uni to do a PGCE due to family and location...unfortunately I’m a little older with 3 kids!

    Would I get “judged” going back?
  11. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    A third of my trainees have children. I don’t see any issue. And no, you wouldn’t get judged.
    greasychipbuttie likes this.
  12. greasychipbuttie

    greasychipbuttie New commenter

    Have you ever had a trainee start, leave (for what ever reason!) and come back and complete?
  13. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Yes we have several every year. Interruptions are quite normal.
  14. greasychipbuttie

    greasychipbuttie New commenter

    Thanks for your advice and info!

    Are those who had interruptions actually left the course and returned a couple of years later or simply missed a semester?

    You’ve been a great help. Thanks

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