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Primary PGCE Northumbria ( any help would be fab :) )

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nicoleave, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. I had my interview for Northumbria in November and it is all very relaxed! don't worry. They stick to the plan which they send in advance (and the timings are very exact).
    The presentations were very straight forward, 2 minutes on a general topic. For example, 'displays in the classroom should...' or 'children learn by...'. You work in groups of about 5-6 as well so it is not very formal and they tell you if you run over the time. Oh! and they let you swap if you don't like your topic. :)
    The maths test was ok (basic KS2 - fractions etc), although i had been on bbc bitesize to brush up on mental maths skills! English test was basically a comprehension task, very straight forward.

    Just relax and be yourself :) I worried for weeks beforehand and prepared far too much!
    Good luck!
  2. Hey!

    I have an interview for Northumbria on the 18th January. Is that the same date as you? the presentation is freaking me out ! i dont know what i would say? and theres so little time to prepare. Im also not too sure on the group discussion part? Its so nerve wracking!

  3. yeah its the same date [​IMG] i was really stressing out and was looking at loads of things, but I have given up stressing it takes up too much time. I am going to run through a practice presentation on someone before tues, although we wont know what it is on! and just go for it. I am a bit worried about english test but not the maths test. I think if you just try your best your passion for teaching will show. Im going to turn up and hope for the best.
  4. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, i've had exams at uni!

    The presentation is really short (2 mins) and i only had time to fit in 4 main points. You all do different topics in your group of 6 which you pick at the start of the day. They are all really straight forward though like 'i would use ICT in classroom to...' etc. :)

    The main point of the day is to be yourself. They don't ask any tricky questions or try and catch you out. I worried far too much.

    I still haven't heard! :( but noone has yet to my knowledge. They are waiting until they receive the TDA allocations for teacher training, much like other universities. May take a good few months yet.
  5. Hi i have my interview on the 20th, does anyone have theirs then?
    Can you remember what other topics they asked for the presentations?
    Can you give me an example of the sort of questions asked on the maths test?
    What sort of questions did you get asked on in the interview and group interview?
    thanks very much.
  6. Hello, I was just looking through the forum and noticed that you also have your pgce interview on the 18th of Jan....how are you feeling about it? I'm pretty nervous about the maths test but I know someone who successfully got on the couse at Northumbria last year and she said it's not too hard. Have you managed to gain much classroom experience? I'm hoping my school experience will help them overlook my not so good maths skills lol.
    Katie :)

  7. I wouldnt know where to start trying to think about a structure for a 2 minute presentation, it depends on your topic and I would probs just go with list the things about it then go into them in little bit more depth, we dont have much time, two mins is really short so Ill just plan it in our dinner. I live just outside newcastle so I am just driving in, I was a student at Northumbria for my 1st degree but it was at a different campus so im not 100% sure of how to get to coach lane. I hope ya flight is not delayed coz the city centre is a little way out from the airport. I have got primary school and SEN class experience I also have experience in secondary school also to see the difference in the stuctur in secondary school. I dont stress during the day but when I go to bed I think about all the different possible q's etc and I just dont get any sleep! cant wait for tues to come so I can sleep! ha.
  8. Hi how did your interview go today, what did they get you to do mine is on thursday and am sooo nevous for it!
  9. hello SMEAD... iv just joined this because im going out of my head about my interview.. i have mine on the 20th too and believe it or not i have lost my interview timetable for the day... would you be able to help me and email over yours.... just the plans for the day.... my email is laurenmorrison1@hotmail.co.uk..... i would be very grateful x
  10. Hi,
    How did the interview go? I've got one on fri and am pretty worried.
    What was the presentation like and what kind of questions did they ask you in the interview?
    Good Luck
  11. hi guys i have an interview on 14th March, can't believe i've got so long to wait.
    My main concern is that there are not many places left by the time I go. eek
    Need to practice driving there beforehand as its 40 miles away so maybe 5 weeks is appropriate for me haha.
    good luck!
  12. Hello!!
    I also have an interview on 14th March!
    Do you know roughly how many students do they accept in the course ?
    I guess they are not asking people to come if it doesn't stay any places left... I hope anyway because i come from far away to go to this interview...
    Good luck with your driving !
  13. Hi meminy! I think it might be around 80 people they accept onto the course, I heard this figure somewhere.
    Cant wait for the day as I feel like my life is on hold at the minute. The fact that we have plenty of time to read up for the interview is just making me more anxious.
    How far do you have to travel for the interview?
    Nice to hear from someone who has an interview on the same day!

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