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Primary PGCE interview

Discussion in 'Primary' started by crane1985, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Calling all primary school teachers!
    Where better to look for advice than the people who been there, done that, and achieved?
    I have an
    interview on Tuesday, so am naturally nervous, but also at the same time excited.
    The structure of the interview day consists of this, a written English
    and Maths test followed by a group discussion then an individual
    interview. If you do not pass the English and Maths tests they do not
    invite you for interview, hence my nervousness. The English test is a
    written task on a current educational issue. You have to read an
    article, then produce a 500 word essay. The marking criteria is this;

    - Can you construct and structure a coherent written argument?

    - Can you use your experience and reading to support the points you make?

    Can you show basic command of writing skills such as spelling,
    punctuation, use of grammar, vocabulary choice and sentence

    Where can I find material to revise for this?

    Does anybody have any other ideas about possible current education issues relevant to the primary sector;

    - Reading tests for 6 year olds

    - Proposed scrapping of the School Sports Partnerships

    - White paper - reformation of curriculum, more autonomy to be given to schools/teachers?

    anybody has any other top tips about possible question's that are
    likely to arise during interview that would be very much appreciated!
    Hopefully i'll make it that far! :)

    Many Thanks
  2. I found information on reading tests for six year olds on the BBC, there was a professional giving his opinion on the proposals.

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