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Primary PGCE interview-York St John 2010!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by CaseyPartington, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. ok, what did we ever do before facebook?! Ha ha! Can I ask if we get info about the CRB check with York St John and how to do this in the post? Do we get some sort of info pack after the offer? I remember the lady saying we do but just wanted to make sure. Thanks :)
  2. Yeah you will get a pack through the post giving any feedback from your interview (ie, if you need to brush up on anything before september), a medical questionnaire and a CRB form. You have to send it back to the uni and they check the CRB it and forward it on, don't worry, there's a letter with it explaining everything. I'm Vicky Banks if any of you get any friend requests!
  3. here we go a FB group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=308777157682
  4. All this waiting is driving me mad!
    My application was only sent to York last thursday but the more I read about the course and the uni the more I want to go there.
    After reading all these post's even the Interview sounds like its quite a nice day, oh I sooooo hope I get offered an interview.

    I just want to know now!
  5. Yeah i had a great day and came home smiling! They still have vacancies so good luck and re-post on here once you know how you got on! :) xxx
  6. Hi, just got the feedback information today.....
    I got 2 A's and 2 B's in the multiple choice....then a satisfactory in the essay
  7. Thats brilliant news. I got an A in ICT and B's for the rest-which is only classed as standard?! lol! I got satisfactory on the written task too-a little disheartened but then again what can they expect us to do under pressure with no prep in 20 mins! LOL
    Did you get a time for the pre-course day? Mine just said 17th April so im assuming more info will follow? Nothing yet though and i got my letter in January?
  8. Nope I didn't get a time on the sheet.
    They do say that more information will be sent out once the offer has been accepted. I now need to consider accommodation [​IMG]
  9. I got a CRB form and a medical questionnaire too. But accepted my other ages ago and not had anything else through. Im hoping for something soon though :) Just a time would be nice.

    I think we spoke on facebook about accommodation. Did you check th website or call in for enquiries? Best to get it sorted sooner rather than later! Also i wouldn't worry too much about where you live. If the PGCE is as demanding as everyone say's-We will have little time to worry about home life!! Just a bed would probably do! Lol xx
  10. I only received the feedback today....so probs going to look at ringing them next week.
    Yes I don't wanna leave it to late and not get anywhere!
    Ha, I suppose thats all I'l need anyways! I'l just live in the library! x
  11. Do you think you will move back home once you have finished the PGCE? I've heard that its difficult to get a job in York or even Yorkshire which really worries me as i want to get straight into a full-time job if possible. I know its jumping on the band-waggon a bit, but never seems to be any jobs here and im quite settled. Sigh x
  12. I'v no idea what I intend to do....depends on what money I have and were there are jobs to be honest!
  13. Thank you! :D
    Everyone on this thread seem's to be really nice so I'm keeping absolutely everything crossed.

    oo n the thing about not many teaching jobs in Yorkshire, don't worry too much about that. I live in Yorkshire at the moment (Sheffield) and there is a fair amount of teaching jobs around here at the moment so don't worry. I think it's pretty much the same nationwide primary school job wise, always lots more NQT's that people leaving/retiring.
    Just focus of the PGCE for now :)

    oo I'm so nervous about waiting yet another week for tracking, weekends aren't so bad cos I know it wont be updated but the first thing I do when I get home from work is check my email!
  14. Good luck Amy! :) Let us know how you get on won't you xx
  15. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    I think it's the same problem all over the country to be honest. So long as you are fairly flexible in terms of location/year group etc I think you'll be OK - it's people who, say, only want to work in year 2 in a school less than a mile from their house that have a problem finding work. Don't forget that a huge part of the PGCE will be dedicated to helping you find that first job. One of the things I intend to ask on my interview day, though, (thursday!! eeeek!) is the percentage of last years graduates who are now in a teaching post. I'll let you know what I find out!
  16. Thanks that would be an interesting figure to find out!
    Good luck for your interview as well!
  17. Yeah let us know about that Lucy Red :)
    Cheers xx
  18. Good luck everyone who still has an interview to come! Does anyone know when the last interview dates are? Just wondering..!! :) x
  19. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    They're still accepting applications, so goodness knows!
  20. Surely it will be soon though? Haven't people mentioned an induction day so they should have filled up placed by then...surely!

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