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Primary PGCE interview-York St John 2010!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by CaseyPartington, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. i got in :)
  2. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    Congratulations!!!! [​IMG]
    My interview is next thursday - any tips? xxx
  3. Hi! I just got an offer for lower primary! Well chuffed!
  4. Just relax and be yourself! The day was really enjoyable and not scary at all. The tests were a bit hard so just make sure you brush up on your maths and science - use the BBC bitesize site (KS3). I prepared quite a lot by reading about current issues etc, but I probably didn't need to do this. Also it would be useful to get somebody to give you a mock interview! Good luck.
  5. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    Congratulations to you too!! Looks like everybody is hearing today [​IMG]
  6. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

  7. Hi anna i'm lower primary too!! well done us!!

    Lucy if you look on page 4 at post 35 i wrote some info down on what happened on the day and what to expect etc...

    Don't worry about it all too much, in the group interviews i think the best thing to remember is that even if you struggle with answering a question, they are probably looking at how well and how clearly you can explain your plan to the people in the room and how quickly you can think on your feet, giving 'something' rather than panicking if you're not sure

    Make sure aswell that you give room for other people in your group to speak and if someone is a little quiet, ask them what they think or encourage their input - as you would do with a child in a class

    the individual interviews were nice a friendly, the scenario question is testing how well you can think on your feet and solve a problem - whether you would panic and give in, or be creative and come up with a solution...some were asked the question about if a photocopier broke down just before lesson where you would be using handouts, others were asked about what they'd do if they were doing a cooking lessonand realised they'd forgotten the main ingredient, or what would you do if you'd planned a lesson in a room that was unavailable and the only suitable place, how would you adapt your lesson or your plan etc

    you'll find that when you're there, for all the preparation in the world, you'll probably end up just saying what comes into your head naturally so don't worry about it too much. x
  8. Did you find out today? Don't know if you were on the same interview day as me..do you have facebook? It would be good to get to know each other before we start! Also, we apply through the student finance again don't we for loans etc? And I think we're able to get a £4000 bursary, but not sure of how to apply for this, do you know?
  9. Yep found out today, my interview was on 4th feb

    If u search on facebook for sarah.sunderland1 you'll find me

    I just applied for student finance online using the Art ID i had from my first degree, not sure about the bursary i think the uni sort it? i'm sure we'll get told soon! i think we get some info through post...

    Still cant believe i got in, im in shock!!
  10. Yeah I am going to apply at the weekend for student loan as my passport is at home and I need it to apply. I know, I am in shock too! I was so nervous when I logged in to track after I got the email...I could hear my hear beating!! lol. I have added you on FB.
  11. Hey, well done for getting on the course! I also have a place for lower primary in Sept, can't wait to start! I think the uni automatically sort out the bursary for us, we just need to apply for any loans and the maintanance grant. Do you mind if I add you on FB as well? Sounds like a good idea to get to know each other before we start.....I'm Vicky just incase you get a request from a random person! Where does everyone come from?
  12. sure add away - im in ilkley at the moment....not sure how commutable that will be yet to be honest....i'l have to do some trial runs!
  13. Hey,
    I was just wondering how long after sending their applications did people find out about an interview?
    The more I read about the course and the interview the more I want to go to york!

  14. 13 days....
  15. ugh, I hate waiting! It's like torture waiting for an email or checking track with no changes!
  16. Hey I got a conditional offer today for Upper Primary I'm well chuffed! Congratulations to everyone!
  17. Congratulations everyone on your places! It's nice to see that somone else is doing upper primary too, was starting to think it was just me! Shall we set up a group on facebook for everyone starting in september? It'd be good to share info, advice etc.
  18. Yes we should set up a group. I'm Anna Binns. :)
  19. Yes that sounds a good idea. my email is phil1989@hotmail.co.uk my only worry is I now need to get a 2:1! Fingers crossed!
  20. Add me on facebook too! Im Casey Partington, starting Sept! LP!


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