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Primary PGCE interview-York St John 2010!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by CaseyPartington, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. So how did it go...can you offer a very nervous individual an outline of your day and the types of questions you were asked at the interview?
    I'm sure you were fine, good luck, hope you get a place :)

  2. Hi Rosie

    Good luck with your interview, I had mine on Thursday. It wasn't too bad all in all, we were given an essay to write at first about good teachers being born and not made ( although you wont get the same question it should give you an idea of the types of questions) and you'll get c. 20mins to write a side and a half...then there are the english, maths, science and ICT tests...these are all multiple choice and alot of them are pretty much using your common sence, look on the bitesize revision sitefor the basics and this should be ample.
    Next you'll have a group assessment - you'll probably be asked to plan a follow up lesson after the children have beenon a trip 'somewhere' they will tell you during the interview where this is, so obviously your plan will depend on where the trip was. You will have 15 mins to plan the lesson with your group and decide who is presenting which part to the other team....you'll then have individual questions asked of you and then group questions.
    Finally you'll have your individual interview, you will be asked a scenario question ' what would you do if....' , everyone seemed to get a different scenario so its testing your ability to think on your feet. then jst the general questions such as why do you want to become a teacher...why this age range....your experience/observations etc....

    Try and enjoy it and you will be fine. I'm jst waiting now to hear if i've got in....they say they will let you know within 2 weeks.....
  3. Hi, try not to be to nervous, the day isn't as bad as it sounds.
    We started off with the 20min essay as stated above, about Teachers being born not made.
    Then we went onto the multiple choice tests (10 questions) 20minutes for the 4 of them.
    You then got split into groups, and given a tour of the University. You then go for the group task, we had the scenario that we took the children to a supermarket and got asked what would the lesson after be.
    Finally, you had the individual interviews, again as said above you get given a what if question and then the generic, why do you want to be a teacher etc

    Good luck for your interview!
  4. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    Has anybody else got an interview on the 25th?
  5. how long did most people wait till they heard of a decision?
  6. Hi, I had my interview in December and found out exactly a week later.
  7. Hey,
    Well interview ran as you all said it would. Very relaxed, friendly staff and the whole day was enjoyable.
    Up to 3 weeks I was told it would take for them to reach a decision.
    Let me know the outcome of your interviews!
  8. Hi everyone. I had my interview last Thursday and still waiting to hear. I keep checking the GTTR and becoming very anxious! I just want to know!
  9. snap! i had mine a week ago too and feeling very impatient now....
  10. I can join in the waiting game with you now.
    ...does anyone know the number of places available?
  11. I had mine last week as well!
    At the time, if they wanted to, they easily had enough spaces to offer places to everyone on the interview day. 30people ish (that was one of my questions to them)
    I'm fed up of waiting now, wish they would just tell us on the day!
  12. Who did people have for their individual interview? I hate waiting, they made a decision on the evening, so why can't they just hurry up!? It's horrible! Anyway, I had Sally as my interviewer. I though the group interview went better than the individual one! I hate one to one situations like that!
  13. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    Was 30 people how many were at your interview or how many places there were? I'm worried about how many places are left as my interview isn't for another couple of weeks!
  14. I hope it's 30 people at their interview because my application just got sent there after being unsuccessful at my first choice today!
    Bit gutted to start with but I love York as much as my first choice so now i'm just waiting to see what happens!

  15. There were approx 38 people at the interview last Thursday. I don't know how many places there are available. Good look with your application. Has anybody heard anything who were there on the 4th Feb? :)
  16. Yes sorry to confuse everyone, there were over 30 people at the interview on the 4th. They told me that if they wanted to, they had enough spaces to take on everyone on the day. So I'm guessing at least 40 places will be left.
  17. PHEW!
    I'm keeping absolutely everything crossed, I really want to start this year.
  18. Is this your first year of applying? Were was your first choice?
  19. 40 places?!
    Today at my interview there were approx 40 people! And next weeks interview it's likely that there will be a good 40 also. So that's 80 fighting for 40 places, which is half and makes sense actually.
    Not sure why I was quite surprised when I read that! [​IMG]

  20. I'm not sure on the number of places, I just know that if they wanted to, they could have accepted everyone on my interview day.
    Fingers crossed for everyone!

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